2015 Election: Teachers will be heavily involved – NUT President

By Post Nigeria December 19, 2014 14:20

2015 Election: Teachers will be heavily involved – NUT President

The President of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Mr. Michael Alogba, in an Interview with The PUNCHNG has said that teachers will be actively involved in the 2015 elections.

Mr. Alogba noted that the population of teachers in Nigeria stands at over a million and they will not hesitate to use their population to an advantage.

According to him “We are watching and wishing them well. Teachers will not be found wanting at public debates because the morning determines the day.

Slow and steady wins the race. We will put our questions across to all the candidates across parties. Let me assure you, teachers are everywhere. We have the population and we know how to use it when the time comes.’’

Mr. Alogba described the competency tests issues that came up previously as a matter of politics and revealed that the teachers in the affected state were being victimized for going on strike.

He further added, “The competency test was clouded with political victimization. If you look at the states who tried to conduct competency tests, it was as a result of the teachers there going on strike and they wanted to find a way to victimize them. So, it was a not a competency test that should bring about promotion.”