2019!!! Fear Grips Buhari, The Entire APC, As Dangote “Warms Up”, Completes A Very Major Project, To Stimulate Nigeria’s Economy

By Joshua Amaugo April 10, 2018 09:17

2019!!! Fear Grips Buhari, The Entire APC, As Dangote “Warms Up”, Completes A Very Major Project, To Stimulate Nigeria’s Economy

As part of efforts to give back to the society, the Managing Director, AG-Dangote Construction Company, Mr. Ashif Juma, has disclosed that the firm will deliver the Obajana-Kabba Road, in Kogi State, by December, 2018.

According to Political Experts, the development is coming at a time the Africa’s richest man has been approached to join a political party ahead of the 2019 Presidential election, in a bid to defeat incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari

Juma noted that the project will be the longest concrete road in the country, and will traverse the North and South.

“So far, 33km earthwork and 22km concrete pavement have been accomplished. Every care is being taken to ensure that Nigeria has a most durable concrete road. We will deliver the project by December, this year. All hands are on deck”, Juma added.

Post-Nigeria gathered that the multiplying effect of fixing the road will not only boost economic activities within the region, but will create jobs and boost the political image of Aliko Dangote.

Aside from the plans to complete the road, some Business Analysts are of the opinion that Dangote has the expertise (business knowledge) to fix and kick-start Nigeria’s economy, which has been hugely battered by the All Progressives Congress, APC, administration.

Recall, that members of a Think Tank Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, put in place by former President, Goodluck Jonathan, were said to be wooing Dangote on the issue.

Although, the Africa’s richest man had in the last few months distanced himself from the report, saying: “I am an Entrepreneur. My passion is to create jobs for Nigerians, and not otherwise.

“I am not interested in politics, and this is authoritative. No member of any Think Tank Committee has contacted me. People should stop dropping my name for the 2019 Presidency.

“This whole thing is an attempt by people who do not like me. They are doing all these with a view to putting me on a collision course with President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling party. They are people who are jealous of the successes I have so far recorded in business.

“My passion is for business development, provision of jobs and wealth creation, not politics. I have never shown interest in politics. I am not interested in politics. I am not a Politician. My passion has always been business and business.

“Buhari is like a father to me. Nobody should try to set me on a collision course with President Buhari. That will not work. I have high regard and respect for the President.

“For emphasis once again, I am not a Politician. I cannot and will not confront President Buhari. They should leave me out of any high wire politics and horse trading.

“By the time the ongoing Dangote refinery in Lagos and the sugar projects come on stream fully, there will be a great positive development and thousands of jobs created, that will change the narrative in the country. That is my passion”, Dangote noted.

Presently, motorist and commuters who ply that axis from the North to the South and vice versa, have begun to commend Dangote Group for the quality of work done so far.

One of such is a Businessman from the North, Abubakar Umar, who applauded the President of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, describing the project as a big relief, as it has already eased traveling and connectivity across the regions.

A Human Rights Activist and Consultant, Mr. Abdullahi Umar, was also said to have commended Dangote Group, while calling on other companies to emulate it.

Juma speaking earlier, had urged the government at all levels to switch over to concrete roads, instead of asphalt, as such were far superior, durable, and cheaper, and would not require frequent maintenance.

Also, a statement from the corporate communications department of Dangote Group, on Sunday, stated that concrete roads last longer than asphalt roads, and do not have potholes.

“A concrete road does not require frequent maintenance as an asphalt road. It saves fuel for motorists and protects tyres from wear and tear”, the firm added.


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