4 places you should never go looking for love

By Jennifer Ajimande October 9, 2015 06:00

4 places you should never go looking for love

There is indeed no better feeling in the world than to love and be loved. Then why is it so difficult to find love? A lot of people spend their entire lives looking for it; some find it while others don’t, simply because they go searching in all the wrong places.

Women seem to be more vulnerable of falling into wrong relationships. This is not to say there is something wrong with looking for love because as far as I’m concerned not looking at all is to give up hope.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself why you have not found love and if you are searching in the right places.

Here are some tips on places you should never go looking for love.

1. Church

love church

Oh yes, the church is the first place people should never go looking for love. I know ladies wouldn’t buy this as they are more prone to this habit. The church is a place of sanctification, hope and restorations and not your love hunting ground. Guys equally move from church to church looking for the finest babes to flirt or be with. This is a problem folks.

Truth be told, in as much as the church is a place of hope, it not the holiest of places either as church goers are neither saints nor angels. Go to church with the intent of finding God’s love and not a spouse.

2. Club houses

love club

I’m not judging but clubs are the worst places to go looking for something serious. I’m not saying good people can’t be found in the clubs as all manner of people go there to have fun. Besides there is no definite place to find love. However looking for love in this setting can be disastrous, as they are only great for what they are for “fun”.

If you don’t want to be treated like a fun tool, then steer clear club places. This isn’t to say people haven’t found love in the clubs though.

3. The office place


Like the saying goes, don’t dip your pen in the company ink meaning relationships with co-workers are not the brightest of ideas. It is pretty simple; keep your sex life and your business
completely separated. Although People believe finding love at work places is not so much of a bad idea, trust me it is.

Once that relationship goes sour, the offices would not be a fun place for both of you to dwell.

Both parties may likely find it difficult to be productive because bad memory triggers wouldn’t just let you be.

Social Media


It is a good place to keep up with people but it is really a “not so safe” place to start up that love affair. I know most people may not agree with me because a lot of spontaneous stuff happens online but know that 95% of things you see on social media are not real.

You never can tell who the person you meeting online actually is. You needn’t be reminded the number of people who have lost their lives simply by meeting strangers on different platforms. So it is best to be super careful when trying to find love on social media.

Most people have been lucky to have found love in particular places but love most times happens when you least expect (when you are not even looking). Letting love happen naturally will most certainly expedite your finding the right person. When you stop going to places looking for love, the right person seems to walk in the door unexpectedly.