5 Powerful Coaches Who Will ‘Never’ Forgive Mourinho For His Hate And Arrogance

By Aiyeku Timothy January 9, 2017 09:46

5 Powerful Coaches Who Will ‘Never’ Forgive Mourinho For His Hate And Arrogance

Jose Mourinho, also known as, ‘The Special One’, sits on top of the ranking of Coaches in the world, but that did not stop him from making harsh comments and attacks on other Coaches, who probably have not had his level of achievement in their career.

Apparently, Mourinho’s attack on such top Coaches, could mean he sees them as threats, or wishes they never existed.

Here are five Coaches Mourinho probably hates, from the comments he has made about them over the years, and is yet to make peace with.

Arsene Wenger:

The Arsenal Manager, is obviously top of the list, despite known as an easy going person. The pair have traded words over the years, with Mourinho calling Wenger a specialist in failure, while Wenger replied, referring to Jose as stupid and disrespectful.

‎One would only say that the former FC Porto Manager, is known for his disrespectful statements to the Gunners boss, because of his level of achievement, compared to the latter.

Rafa Benitez:

Both Managers have a history of rivalry, which could be traced back to ‎Benitez, leading his Liverpool side to defeating Mourinho’s Chelsea, in the semi-final, via what the Portuguese called a ghost goal from Luis Garcia.

Both Coaches have coached 3 of the same clubs, with Benitez having a better head-to-head record, against the Special One.

Mourinho was left with no choice, than to say the Spanish was following his career path.

Pep Guardiola:

This is one Coach who will boast to have beaten Mourinho more, in their various meetings as Managers, but that would not be enough to keep the Portuguese quiet, as he continues to question Pep’s coaching abilities.

They became enemies, when the Portuguese tactician was passed over for the Barcelona job, and Pep was appointed. Secondly, Mourinho’s Inter Milan, defeated Pep’s Barcelona in the now infamous Champions League semi-final.

Claudio Raneiri:

Below was what Mourinho once said of the Leicester City boss, during his tenure at Inter Milan: “Ranieri? I guess he’s right with what he said. I am very demanding of myself, and I have to win to be sure of things.

“This is why I have won so many trophies in my career. Ranieri on the other hand, has the mentality of someone who doesn’t need to win.

“He is almost 70 years old. He has won a Supercup and another small trophy, and he is too old to change his mentality.

“He’s old and he hasn’t won anything. I studied Italian five hours a day for many months, to ensure I could communicate with the players, media, and fans.

“Ranieri had been in England for five years, and still struggled to say ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon.”

Carlo Ancelotti:

The rivalry between these two is not direct, but Mourinho took a swipe at Ancelotti, saying: “Many Coaches have won it more than once, but there is only one club that was leading 3-0 in the final, and managed to lose it. [Sir Alex] Ferguson has also won it twice. He is 68, and we’ll see how many I have bagged in 23 years.”

‎Ancelotti has the trophies to boast of a great coaching career, and in his reply, the Italian said Mourinho was disrespectful.


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