6 things you must do to avoid having a bad weekend

By Jennifer Ajimande November 27, 2015 08:00

6 things you must do to avoid having a bad weekend

It is a great feeling when Friday comes around, then Saturday hits too! You have 2 days to do whatever you want, time to relax, meet up with friends, run some personal errands after working all week long.

We all treasure our weekends, but why do they fly by so fast without us achieving much? It’s simple; we are not making the most of them.

Here are a few weekend hacks to making good use of our weekend and probably feel on top of your game by Monday.

Make plans

Take out 5 minutes during the week to reflect on how you want the weekend to be, jot if you please. Planning the weekend in advance helps you to keep a tab on all the fun stuff so you don’t end up wasting the weekend away. This doesn’t mean you can’t allow for a bit of spontaneity here and there, of course. If you don’t have any plans, you are likely to end up doing nothing!

Dodge the bottle a bit

A group of Nigerian men drinking beer (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

A group of Nigerian men drinking beer (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

There’s no denying that most of us enjoy a drink, and the temptation when we reach Friday night is often to have a few too many. However, the next day you’ll probably feel a bit off-color and spend most of the day in bed or nursing the hangover and so the day passes without you having done anything. Our advice – drink responsibly. A little alcohol can help you to relax at the weekend but don’t let it rule your time off!

Make Your Exercise Social


Most people prefer exercise during the weekend because of their busy schedules. Why not put some fun into? You want to play football, jog, tennis or stretch, do it with your friends-working out together is nothing shut of fun. Instead of wasting time exercising then hocking up with the boys, you could infuse the two into one time to get a double dose of fun, relax, workout and quality time.

The point is mixing exercise with social doubles your efficiency.

Bonus tip: if you are doing the exercises alone another way to double your efficiency is by listening music while you exercise.

Find a new hobby