7 major causes of cervical cancer you didn’t know about

By Jennifer Ajimande September 12, 2015 16:00

7 major causes of cervical cancer you didn’t know about

Cervical cancer or cancer of the cervix (womb) is a very serious problem that is affecting women all over the world. This disease is most common with women over the age of 30. Thus, making it extremely impossible for women to have children and could result in the inevitable death of the victim if not diagnosed on time.

Cancer of the cervix is caused by the Human Papilloma virus, HPV, a sexually transmitted virus, the same virus responsible for genital warts.

There are so many factors that put women at risk of incurring cancer of the womb; however, infections that last longer than a few years called persistent infections, have been pointed to most likely become cancerous if not treated properly.

Leaving HPV infections untreated among other bad health habits could lead to cancer of the womb.

PN lifestyle takes a look at some of the bad health habits that could increase your risk of contracting this deadly disease.

Multiple sex partners
Having multiple sex partners is one of the major ways of contracting infections that could over time lead to cervical cancer. Research has shown that women who have many sexual partners are prone to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases such as, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis among others, which if not properly treated could increase their risk of developing cervical cancer.

Becoming sexually active early
Women that have engaged in sexual activities at an early age (9- 17 years) are at a higher risk of the having this disease. This however, does not mean that every woman with the disease had several sexual partners or became sexually active earlier than other females who may not necessarily have the disease. It is just a risk factor. Women who have sex once can also develop this disease.

Smoking generally can cause a myriad of health problems to the human body, ranging from bad kidneys, lungs complications and also, cervical cancer. So, if you are a woman and you smoke, you are at risk of having this disease.

Weakened immune system
People with very weak immune systems, such as those living with HIV/AIDS, or transplant recipients taking immunosuppressive medications have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. This makes it harder for the body to eliminate HPV infections.

Use of contraceptive pills
Research has shown that the long-term use of some commonly known contraceptive pills could slightly raise a woman’s risk of having cervical cancer.