7 traits you must posses to avoid being a failure in life

By Juliet Ojike November 24, 2015 15:08

7 traits you must posses to avoid being a failure in life

Highly respected people are successful in maintaining certain values and inspiring others around them. In a world where character and integrity becomes rarer, when we find someone who embodies such scarce elements we admire and respect them.

These habits that shape highly respected people are not cultivated overnight but with consistency and perseverance. Here are 7 habits of highly respected people.

  1. They are passionate

They follow their hearts rather than the opinion of others. They are excited about what they do not to fall for the misconceptions or conventional opinions of the people around them. Rather than being victims of the world around them, they are passionate enough to inspire and influence the passions and creativity of others.

  1. They are accessible

They are reachable, approachable and are willing to connect. They do not build gigantic walls around themselves; rather they build bridges to connect with others and to forge relationships.

  1. They are grateful

They are not too caught up in their lives or their activities to say thank you or send an appreciative note. Highly respected are grateful to the efforts or good gestures of others. They are not caught up in their world or in their personal image not to brighten another person’s day by saying “thank you.”

  1. They practice what they preach

They do not say one thing or do another. They make sure their lives reflect what they preach and inspire others through their actions rather than words. They know that talk is cheap and rather than crumble to one scandalous act or another they preserve their reputation and character.

  1. They are willing to make sacrifices