A MUST READ!!! All You Need To Know About New Nollywood Sensation, Chimezie Imo – His Success, Challenges, Hidden Secrets, And Lots More

By Post-Nigeria: August 17, 2018 15:42

A MUST READ!!! All You Need To Know About New Nollywood Sensation, Chimezie Imo – His Success, Challenges, Hidden Secrets, And Lots More

Fast rising Nollywood sensation, Chimezie Imo, took some time from his busy schedule to chat with Post-Nigeria, on Friday, about his journey as an Actor in Nollywood so far.

Please, peep the very interesting interview below.

PN: Hello Mr. Chimezie Imo, please can you tell us more about yourself and background?

CI: My full name is Brian Emmanuel Chimezie IMO, and I was born on 7th January, 1992. I am the 5th child of 5 children, from a family of 7. I was born in Lagos, and I grew up most part of my years in Abuja. I am also a graduate of ATBU, Bauchi, B. Tech Ecology.

PN: Being an Ecologist, why did you choose acting as your new profession?

CI: Acting has been a passion of mine since the age of 7; it is something I love doing, and figured I wanted to do it for the rest of my life; but my love for science also had me study Ecology at the University, and I have no regrets.

PN: You play an amazing and seemingly challenging role in the TV series, ’90 Gogoro’, as Daniel, please tell us how you found playing that character?

CI: I auditioned for the role a few years ago, and I got called for it, beating other Actors who came to audition for the same character; so I figured it was a huge responsibility for me, so I did researches, watched movies; “Daniel” is a naughty character, and Chimezie is not, so I had to do a complete switch to make it convincing and funny at the same time

PN: What other movies have you featured in, and which has been your best role played till date

CI: Well, I have been on a couple of them, like:
-MTVShuga season 6
-Castle and Castle
-The Cure
-Afro City
and a number of them I cannot place my head on right now, but it has been great.

PN: How do you find the Nollywood movie industry, and what challenges do you face daily as an Actor?

CI: The industry is moving, and moving fast at that. And I am happy to be part of it at this time.

There are however, challenges as a young Actor and up-comer; getting roles or even lead roles are more difficult, because you have to prove yourself over and over again. And as young Actors, there are very few Filmmakers who make movies for young Actors. So, we stay out of jobs sometimes, till the right script comes.
But things are changing. ☺

PN: There are so many upcoming Actors in this age of the social media, with everyone trying to get famous; how do you stay on your job and ensure to stand out as a unique and professional Actor, who is not just in the industry for fame?

CI: Consistency is key; and I am hungry, I mean hungry to pursue my dreams.
So, I do not pay attention to who or what else wants what I want; I pursue my dreams with every strength I have, and move at my pace, putting God first and staying consistent, and watch things happen.

PN: Any future upcoming projects you would love to share with the public?

CI: Well, there are a few, but unfortunately cannot mention, that would be a breach of contract abi? Lol

PN: Aside acting, what does Chimezie do for fun?

CI: I sing and I dance; I love traveling, visiting new places, and I am a foodie, I love food! So, it is safe to add eating as part of my hobbies.

PN: How do you cope with the ladies, as a young good looking, fit Actor?

CI: Clears throat.
The ladies make 70% of my fan base, and I respect women so much, so I treat them with respect; I show love to everyone one of them.

PN: Where do you project yourself to be in 5 years time?
CI: In 5 years time, I should be making movies worldwide, being a house hold name, changing lives through my talent, and making lots of money.

PN: Next year is the general elections in Nigeria, with everyone clamouring for a change in government; who do you want as your next President?

CI: I do not really like to talk about politics in public, but I am an agent of change, I mean actual change.
So, I stand with whoever God has designed for us. A young President this time; let us give the youths a chance.

PN: Tell us 5 interesting things your fans do not probably know about you?

CI: 1. I am foodie.
2. I am very domestic, with house chores.
3. I am scared of heights.
4. I think love is a beautiful thing.
5. I cannot say the last one. Lol

PN: Is there anything else you would love to share with us?

CI: I believe dreams are valid, and you can be anything you want to be. So, keep dreaming, keep believing, keep working hard. Also, put God first, and the sky will be your starting point.