APC In Trouble, As Atiku, Saraki, Kwankwaso, Others, Get Cleared For The 2023 Presidency

By Post-Nigeria: January 31, 2020 09:55

APC In Trouble, As Atiku, Saraki, Kwankwaso, Others, Get Cleared For The 2023 Presidency

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that it is ready for a merger, in order to form a stronger force that will unseat the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2023 general elections.
The party stated that it cannot rule out the possibility of a merger, as it is part of the strategies in a democratic process, to clinch to power.
Recall, that in the build-up to the 2019 general elections, the PDP and over 50 other opposition parties under the umbrella of Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, were in an alliance, and not a merger.
The PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus, told Newsmen that the party is strengthening its structures, and perfecting its strategies to reclaim power in the next general elections, accusing the APC of failure in governance.

He explained that the merger arrangement would not include a name change for the party, stressing that, the PDP is a mega opposition, and it is not ready to change its name, ahead of the next general elections.
Responding to a question on a merger, Secondus said: “Why not, when the time comes, if there is need for people to pool their resources and pool their strengths together, it can happen. It is possible. Our focus is on making sure that our party is strong and viral, and ready to win elections.”
Secondus noted that the PDP will engage the present government constructively ahead of the polls, adding that, democratic values, ideals, principles, and ethos allegedly compromised by the All Progressives Congress-led, APC, government, would be restored when the PDP regains power.
The PDP Chairman, alleged that the current insecurity, corruption, hunger, poor economy, and poverty, are “caused by the APC government”, stressing that, the PDP would seize power in Edo State, in the forthcoming Governorship election in the State.

Secondus also said that the various organs of the PDP are rebuilding the party, to prepare it for the battle ahead, adding that, no party stalwart would be shut out of the Presidential race, even if they are zoned out.
“Today, we are more concerned with rebuilding our party. When the time comes for the nomination of a Presidential Candidate, the party will come out with its position. You know the Constitution allows everybody, whether you are from the North, whether you are from South, to contest.
“No one is going to stop anyone from contesting, even when it is zoned to a particular region. So, every person still has a right to contest. If you are qualified and desire to run for the Office of the President, you are free to contest”, he said.

The PDP National Chairman, disclosed further that the party is working assiduously to resolve issues among its members in the House of Representatives, adding that, the National Executive Committee, NEC, has directed its members in the National Assembly, to push for the actualisation of Electoral reforms in the country.
“They are now in government for five years running, so put that on their doorstep. And we believe that if we do not at all do the needful and reform, we cannot move forward as a nation; we cannot”, Secondus said.
“The President refused to sign it, so why are you putting the blame on PDP? The 8th Assembly amended the Electoral Laws, so you do not put that blame on the doorstep of the PDP. Put it squarely on the door of the APC government”, he added.