APC presidential primaries takes on irrational twist

By Post Nigeria December 10, 2014 18:23

APC presidential primaries takes on irrational twist

The presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress, APC, holding in the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos, seems to have taken an anticipated and irrational twist.

Just hours before a decision is to be reached, the APC presidential primaries took on a new twist as three of other four contenders are rumored to have stepped down from the race to give fourth time runner Buhari a better chance of winning the primaries.

To many observers, this hasn’t come entirely as a surprise, as many had predicted that the real contenders for the candidacy were Atiku Abubakar, and Muhammadu Buhari, the two now left in the race.


Considering the age of the three aspirants, the expectations their believers seemed to have placed on them, and the simple fact that Buhari would be attempting in the same manner, a feat he has lost on three other occasions, the APC would be hard pressed to explain their decision to their members.

All three had in their various media appearances, bullishly claimed to be able to defeat the President, and deliver the dividends of democracy to the people, pausing intermittently to throw punches at the president.

In an early interview published by the party’s media outlet Sahara Reporters, Rochas Okorocha of Imo State said that only he can stop the security challenges present in the country.

The implications of this for Rochas and Nigeria would mean that the chance of getting out of the challenges have evaporated with his decision.

The Kano State governor in recent times has done his bit to attempt to follow his party’s manifesto of knocking down the Jonathan administration, by calling the president names.

At a fundraiser for his short campaign, Kwankwaso acutely stated that the president was unfit to lead Nigeria.

Kwankwaso was abruptly stopped in his tracks by the presidency, who labelled the governor an ignorant gambler. Perhaps the presidency didn’t speak too soon, as Mr. Kwankwaso swiftly laid all his cards on the table.

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commision, INEC had on Tuesday, stated that any candidate who spent above one billion Naira on his campaign, would be jailed. In the fundraiser for Kwankwaso, over two billion Naira was realized, with a young man even giving his widows mite of 100 Naira to support the campaign.

It remains to be seen what the governor would do with the huge sum, and what has become of the hopes the young man placed on his preferred aspirant at the time.

The publisher of LEADERSHIP newspaper, Sam Nda-Isaiah, the last of the three, had made it known to all who cared to listen, that he would curb corruption in Nigeria with “big ideas”. These big ideas included trains and rail systems already functioning in Nigeria, showing the lack of depth in his campaign.

In all honesty, little or nothing of his campaign made headlines on other newspapers than this.

Throwing aside their ambition for the highest calling in the land as quickly as it seems they did, albeit in the heat of the moment, lends very little credence to everything these aspirants have previously said.