APC’s ‘jackboot mentality’ will drive Nigeria to anarchy, PDP warns

By Post Nigeria June 3, 2015 13:01

APC’s ‘jackboot mentality’ will drive Nigeria to anarchy, PDP warns

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has called out the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the deplorable underhand tactics the ruling party has deployed, including utilizing the judiciary and doctored tribunals to scuttle the election of Governors in PDP controlled states, as well as that of legislative members who refuse to yield to their dubious political manipulations.

In the bid to monopolize resource control and presumably cripple the PDP financially, the APC, post election, has relentlessly and desperately made moves to gain control of PDP controlled states, particularly Akwa Ibom and Rivers States due to the invaluable resources generated there.

The PDP however, has come out to say that all such clandestine moves, discussed in secretive, nocturnal meetings in Lagos and Abuja, will only lead to a complete break-down of law and order in the polity, which they (the APC) will solely be held accountable for.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, warned that the PDP will not stand idly by and allow the APC destroy the democracy and peace brokered by the past administration, and called on President Buhari to urge his party to desist from their ill-advised maneuvering.

The press statement reads below;

    “We are aware that there are moves by the APC to cause the doctoring of the membership of the gubernatorial elections tribunals in some PDP states, particularly Akwa-Ibom, Abia, Rivers and Delta with the aim to bring in friendly officers, possibly to push through their agenda against our great party.

    “Also we question the so-called security reasons adduced for the decision to relocate the Akwa-Ibom state Governorship, National and State Assembly elections tribunals out of the state and wonder why Akwa-Ibom was singled out.

    “Nigerians and the international community would recall that we had earlier alerted of furtive moves by the APC to procure and compromise some stakeholders in the elections including INEC and security personnel to bear false witness and doctor electoral materials against the PDP at the tribunals.

    “In the same vein, we had earlier alerted of a groundswell of plots by the APC to foist a one party rule in our country by attempting to destabilize the PDP, take over some of our states and legislative seats, all to ensure that there is no strong opposition when they eventually assume power.

    “It is apparently in line with this heinous agenda that the APC has started hounding our senators-elect with threats to use the tribunals against them if they fail to do their bidding in the parliament.

    “It is worrisome that this ‘jackboot mentality’ and rape of our democracy which is averse to the spirit of the healing process is happening with the knowledge of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is a direct beneficiary of the huge sacrifice the PDP made to ensure that the nation remains peaceful and stable.

    “We want President Buhari to note that the plot by his party to alter the will of the people and unlawfully take over states genuinely won by the PDP is obviously an invitation to anarchy capable of truncating our hard-earned democracy as it would be stiffly resisted by the people.

    “We invite the international community and lovers of democracy worldwide to note the ugly developments and hold the APC responsible should there be any break down of law and order in the polity. The PDP wishes to restate in the strongest possible terms that we are not vanquished and will therefore resist these plots with all the energy and force availed by the law.

    “Let it be known that there is no way we can fold our hands and watch while the mandates freely given to our governors and National Assembly members fall prey to the ravenous ambition of the APC.

    “It is on this note that we once again draw the attention of the leaderships of the judiciary, INEC and security forces to the plots intended to compromise their men, drag in their institutions and pitch them against the people. We therefore charge them to protect their sanctity by closely monitoring their officials to ensure that they are not in anyway manipulated in this direction”.


Chief Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary.