Aregbesola finally pays one month salaries

By Amako Nneji June 30, 2015 19:31

Aregbesola finally pays one month salaries

The Executive Governor of Osun State who has been owing civil servants in the State for 7 months has approved the payments of salaries from December, 2014.

The Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, in the State, Jacob Adekomi disclosed this on Tuesday at a press conference after a meeting with the Government delegation led by Chief of Staff Gboyega Oyetola

The Governor had on June 14 promised to pay workers salaries having owned them for seven months.

The statement read in part, “before the end of June, workers would be paid their salaries.

    “The Governor stated that he had a great dream for the State and that was why he was in a hurry to begin many programmes which had earned him applause even outside the country.”

    “The dream has not gone awry and it is a clear vision that Osun must be on its feet, self-reliant and be a reference point in Nigeria. The race to ensure development within the first term of Aregbesola was informed by the fear of what is happening now,’’ he added.

Adekomi explained that most workers would not get anything from the one month salary paid because their banks would use the meager money for loan repayment and interest.

According to Adekomi, most workers will not have anything left to feed themselves let alone transport themselves to their places of work and because of this, he stressed that the strike would continue.

    ”We appreciate the efforts of the Government to see that salary and pension arrears are settled without further delay.

    “Our negation with Government is that out of eight months owed us; the minimum we can take is five months to resume work.

    “As it is now, the strike continues while negotiations also continue. I appeal to all workers in the state to continue to stay at home until further notice.