Bloody Disgrace As APC Chiefs Mourn The Death Of Democracy Under Governor El-Rufai, After A Shameful Conduct Of Ward Congresses, Oyegun, Others, Run Into Hiding

By Amako Nneji May 7, 2018 09:42

Bloody Disgrace As APC Chiefs Mourn The Death Of Democracy Under Governor El-Rufai, After A Shameful Conduct Of Ward Congresses, Oyegun, Others, Run Into Hiding

Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi, representing Kaduna North Senatorial District, in the Nigerian Senate, on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has called on Nigerians to mourn the death and burial of democracy in Kaduna State.

Senator Hunkuyi who made this known in a Press Conference, in Kaduna, on Sunday, affirmed that there was no presence of the officials of APC Ward Congress Committee saddled with the responsibility of conducting the Ward b52 Congress in the 255 Wards, in 23 Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, yet the State Government claimed in its statement that the Congress was conducted in free, fair, transparent, and orderly manner.

Hunkuyi called on the outright cancellation of the charade called Ward Congress.

He warned that if the dangerous steps and actions of the APC National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, continue, the party and the nation will be plunged into darkness.

Parts of the text of the Press Conference by Senator Hunkuyi reads below:

“Gentlemen of the Press, you are welcome to this Press briefing.

“We are co-travelers in the Kaduna State APC journey, and NOT bye-standers. Our members had by the provision of the Guidelines and the APC Constitution, paid the required fees for the nomination forms into the APC Accounts and collected Tellers for the 9,453 positions to be contested in 255 Wards across the 23 Local Government Areas, involving 37 different positions in each of the Wards across the State.

“Our members were profiled few hours to the APC Stakeholders Briefing, in a Public Lecture by the Governor of Kaduna State, in Kaduna Township Stadium, before the APC National Chairman, when the Governor, in an unprecedented HATE SPEECH ever delivered by any State Chief Executive, centered on my name and urged his sympathizers to ‘maim’ me and other APC co-travelers, as well as members of his party and supporters, who do not share the same political views with him.

“The APC State Congress Committee in a very frustrating outing, gave our members the Nomination Forms for only Two Local Governments (2) out of Twenty three Local Government Areas (23) around 03:55am, and that was at the wee hours of the Congress date of 5th May 2018. It must be noted that even those who collected the forms were already programmed for disqualification, as the guidelines for the conduct of the Congresses stipulate that all aspirants must return the forms 24 hours before the date of the Congresses.

“Thus given the scenario above, our members were left with no other option than to troop to the venue of the Ward Congress by 8am of the same morning, carrying the bank tellers and APC membership cards, in order to participate at the Congress. However, to our utmost surprise, NO Official of the APC-Ward Congress Committee showed up in any of the 255 Wards Areas, from 8:00am in the morning, nor throughout the day.

“The acclaimed results of the so-called Congress held by the El-Rufai faction was tailored and manufactured at the Government House, without visiting any of the designated 255 Wards Congress Venues across the Kaduna State, in contravention of the Guidelines and directives of President Muhammadu Buhari, that urged for conduct of elective Congresses in conformity with provisions of the Nigerian Constitution, the Electoral Act, and APC Constitution.

“The visit of the Governor at 6pm of 5th May 2018, to his Ward, at Anguwan Sarki, amidst heavy security of 25 Police trucks, was to hoodwink the General APC supporters of a staged-managed Ward Congress outing.

“We join genuine and gullible APC members and supporters, in mourning the death of Democracy and its burial in Kaduna State, where its resurrection may be an impossible task.

“The “peaceful APC Ward Congress” declared by the Governor yesterday, the 5th May, 2018, is indeed the declaration of Peace of the Graveyard after the burial of the remains of APC Carcasses that have been macheted by the El-Rufai faction of the party, in cahoots with the State Congress and Ward Committees.

“The outing that was supposed to deliver a bouncing Party Baby at the Ward Congress occasion, has resulted in Electroblastosis-Featalis; a Stillborn for the party.

“As a very peace-loving member of the APC co-travellers of the APC project within the Nigerian polity, with a Vibrant, Full developed Democratic Agenda for our people in the State, we urge the Oyegun-led Congress to urgently declare the charade a Nullity, and order for fresh, Transparent, and Democratic Process.

“Like the National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, has told the bewildered APC Supporters in Kaduna, on the 4th May 2018 (a day before the Congress date) that, “I will deliver APC to El-Rufai – even if this is the last project I do!” Nigeria can see your handiwork, but Kaduna State APC will NOT accept your verdict; we wish to recall that this is the second time we are witnessing a charade of an elective Congress in the State, the event of July 29, 2017, which we petitioned the Oyegun-led NWC over the contravention of the Guidelines issued by the party. It is sad to note that despite the constitutional requirement of the APC, that such matters be resolved or attended to, not later than two weeks, ten months thereafter, mute has been it from Oyegun, the master deliverer to El-Rufai.

“The National Chairman after meeting with the Kaduna State APC Ward/Local Government Congress Chairman, Adamu Modibbo, at the Government House, mandated him to deliver the structure of the party to the El-Rufai faction.

“May God deliver APC from the hands of enemies of democracy, and purveyors of tyranny, who are out to destroy our beloved part. Long live APC, long live Mr. President, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”


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