BLOODY XMAS!!! Deadly Muslim Militants Kill Many Christians In One Of The Deadliest Sectarian Violence In Northern Nigeria

By Post Nigeria December 23, 2017 14:43

BLOODY XMAS!!! Deadly Muslim Militants Kill Many Christians In One Of The Deadliest Sectarian Violence In Northern Nigeria

Christians in North-Central Nigeria face a tensed Christmas, after the deadliest sectarian violence in the country’s recent history, killed at least 90 people, aid workers, and Christians.

Following a period of relative calm, violence resumed in Plateau State, with Fulani herdsmen primarily targeting Christian Farmers.

An Advocacy group, Voice Of the Martyrs Canada, VOMC, quoted Experts as saying that the militant Muslim group “killed more people than those committed previously by the notorious Boko Haram terrorists.”

Right group Stefanos Foundation which works in Nigeria, said attacks against Christian communities in September and October, killed some 75 people in 12 villages. Also, 489 homes were burned and 3,726 people were reportedly displaced.

The attacks continued to claim more lives last month. “On November 30, at least four more people were fatally injured, after Fulani herdsmen who were armed with guns, opened fire at a mining site in Jol village, in Riyom Local Government Area”, VOMC claimed.

During the early hours of November 13, two men, Christopher Dung and Bulus Dantoro, were ambushed and killed in Wereng village of Riyom Local Government Area”, the group recalled.

A week earlier, nine others were reportedly shot dead and four more injured, as they returned from a weekly village market in the same government area. The injured victims identified the attackers as Fulani militants.

On December 8, Christian Leaders from the Church of Christ in Nations, said they were told that those responsible for the attacks have been detained, though officials have not publicly identified them as Fulani herdsmen.

Authorities reportedly say they are investigating, but devoted Christians have appealed for more protection in especially Muslim-dominated areas of the country, where militants have in some cases urged Christian communities to either leave or accept Islamic practices.

VOMC stated that it had urged its supporters to “prayerfully uphold the many injured and displaced victims of the recent targeted attacks – those who have suffered immensely at the hands of the perpetrators”, so that “amidst of their pain and heartache, God may demonstrate His loving kindness, by ministering greatly needed healing, provision, comfort, and strength.”


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