Boko Haram: PDP accuses APC of hypocrisy

By Ayoola Mudasiru June 7, 2015 19:49

Boko Haram: PDP accuses APC of hypocrisy

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Sunday, accused the All Progressives Congress, APC, of being hypocritical and insincere, as the party had once chastised immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan for seeking regional cooperation to finding solution to the challenge of insurgency.

The PDP accused the ruling party of being unfair in praising current President Muhammadu Buhari, who is utilizing the same strategy.

In a statement signed by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, the party stated that this was first in line of many actions of the APC, that will be unmasked for its double standard and blackmail “upon which they (APC) rode to power.”

The PDP also lambasted the “venom” with which the APC attacked Nigerian citizens for daring to offer constructive criticism to President Buhari.

According to the PDP, since Buhari was inaugurated, there has been a glaring loss of tempo in the fight against insurgency.

The PDP described the APC’s actions as unacceptable in a democracy especially in a country like Nigeria where the citizens have been enjoying freedom of expression in the last 16 years under the PDP.

The statement in part reads:

    “The APC must understand that the hallmark of democracy is freedom of expression and opinion, particularly on governance issues; inalienable rights of all citizens guaranteed by the constitution and which must not be denied them under any guise whatsoever.

    “Though we had decided to give President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling party sometime to settle down, indicators show that the APC is not getting its bearing right and the PDP as a party that has nurtured and sustained democracy in the last 16 years, we cannot fold our hands and watch our nation drift towards dangerous undemocratic paths”, the party said.

The PDP lamented that since the APC took over power at the center, there has been no clear sign of seriousness and direction, but confusion, selfish infighting and hysteria for positions of power while the nation drifts, noting that the situation is unhealthy for democracy and national development.

    “The concern of well-meaning Nigerians is that this may be a pointer to the fact that the APC lacks clear-cut directions on how to govern a nation as complex as Nigeria”, it said.

The PDP observed that though some jostling for political offices are expected among politicians in a democracy, Nigerians are not comfortable with the confusion in the APC camp and the dimension it has assumed.

The party said “the negative effect of the glaring political commotion in the APC is compounding President Buhari’s self confessed nervousness and puzzlement, his flip-flops and worrisome reneging on campaign promises for which Nigerians will continue to hold him accountable.

    “Instead of fighting for positions, which betrays their lust, APC leaders should be more concerned with how to help President Buhari, who is still struggling with his ministerial list and basic appointments more than a week after his inauguration.

    “They should be more concerned with how to end insurgency by the end of July as promised by President Buhari in his April 2, 2015 CNN interview.

    “They should be concerned about how to pay N5,000 each to 25 million poor Nigerians beginning from the end of June; how to bring the naira to the same value with the dollar; provide allowances to the discharged but unemployed Youth Corps members for Twelve (12) months; provide free education and meals for school children among others as they promised during the campaigns.

    “We invite the APC to note the concern of Nigerians that the pictures emanating from their camp are not reassuring in this direction”, the PDP said.


Chief Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary