Boko haram stack up losses following Yobe duel

By Amako Nneji October 7, 2015 13:39

Boko haram stack up losses following Yobe duel

The Nigeria army has said that 100 Boko Haram insurgents were gruesomely murdered in Yobe following a face-off between them and Nigerian troops.

According to the army spokesman Usman Sanni, Wednesday, seven soldiers were killed in the encounter with the insurgents while one officer and eight other soldiers sustained wounds.

A bomb on Wednesday exploded at Buhari’s housing estate in Damaturu, Yobe state leaving 16 people dead.

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During the operation, Usman disclosed that the troops recovered sizeable arms, ammunition, and other equipment from the insurgents.

Recovered weapons from the terrorists.

    “The fleeing Boko Haram terrorists in a great sign of desperation and to create an impression that they remain relevant, at the early hours of today made a futile attempt on 120 task force battalion troops located at Goniri, Yobe State,” he said in a statement.‎

    ‎”During the encounter, our gallant troops successfully repelled the attack and inflicted heavy casualty on the invading terrorists as all of them were killed. On the last count over 100 terrorists bodies were seen. Unfortunately however, seven of our gallant soldiers paid the supreme price while defending our fatherland, while one officer and eight soldiers were wounded in action.”

    “These include one general purpose machine gun; two rockets propelled grenades, nine AK-47 rifles and belted rounds of 7.62 (NATO) ammunitions. Others were various wires used for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), seven primed IEDs, different types of spanners and a torch Light,” he explained.‎

    “In a related development, troops of 21 brigades on fighting patrol from Bama to Ngurosoye, have destroyed Boko Haram terrorists camps along that axis. While on patrol, the brave soldiers came across some of the terrorist’s hideouts that also served as fabricating area for IEDs and the terrorists’ training area. Another patrol along Bama-Kawuri axis discovered and exhumed IEDs and wires for detonation,” he added.‎

    “It is important to reiterate that the Nigeria army along with the support of the Nigeria air force and other security agencies would not relent in its determined effort of defeating Boko Haram terrorists,”‎ Usman said.