Breach of Protocols: Sylva hired thugs to stone Buhari – Aide

By Post Nigeria May 25, 2015 19:36

Breach of Protocols: Sylva hired thugs to stone Buhari – Aide

Reports have emerged that Timipre Sylva sponsored the stoning of the President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari when he (Buhari) came for the 2011 presidential campaign on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC.

The Former Special Adviser to the erstwhile Governor of Bayelsa State Timipre Sylva, Chief Richard Kpodo revealed that Youths had hauled stones at Buhari at the Amarata field in Yenagoa, the State capital, when he (Buhari) came for the 2011 presidential campaign.

Kpodo, who was in charge of security under Sylva, alleged that the former Governor hired the thugs that pelted Buhari with stones.

He said shortly after the incident, Sylva accused Buhari of entering the State without observing protocols, stressing that the former Governor claimed that Buhari failed to inform him of his visit.

On Saturday, the President-elect reportedly cheapened his position during his last visit to London by not observing protocols.

A statement issued by the PDP on Sunday said that the President-elect was left almost stranded while waiting for about thirty minutes before he was received by the British leader, David Cameron.

Kpodo said “Sylva said he is close to Buhari. Which Buhari is he close to; the one he sent people to stone in 2011? If he had died, would Sylva have said he is close to Buhari?

“Sylva masterminded the plan of stoning Buhari. I can mention names. Why we did not say anything then was because we took oath of office. Sylva has resorted to betray people like us who stood by him when he was fighting the President.

“We were the people who made publications against Mr. President. We came out again to fight for the new PDP. We were fighting the PDP and they declared us wanted.

They wanted to assassinate us.

“They even went to my village to arrest my family, that I am trying to incite people against the government; a lot of criminal claims against me. Where was Sylva in all of these? When we succeeded and joined APC, he brought his stooges to destroy the party; he betrayed us.”

Accusing Sylva of sabotage, Kpodo said the former Governor lacked the moral rights to accuse Jonathan of betraying him since he (Sylva) was “a serial betrayer” of his supporters.