BREAKING: 100 Reasons Why APC’s Buhari Will Lose The 2019 Presidential Election, Massively

By Post-Nigeria: January 12, 2019 15:16

BREAKING: 100 Reasons Why APC’s Buhari Will Lose The 2019 Presidential Election, Massively

Below are 100 reasons why we believe President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, will lose the 2019 general elections:

  1. The price of fuel increased to N145 per liter, and never reduced, contrary to the promise made by APC.
  2. APC keeps blaming the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for 16 years of misrule.
  3. Buhari appointed the most clueless Ministers in the history of Nigeria, with no experience whatsoever in their various Ministries.
  4. Buhari failed to crush boko haram, as he boasted he would, prior to winning the 2015 general elections.
  5. Aisha Buhari spoke up several times to condemn the impunity going on under her husband’s government, without any action by Mr. President.
  6. Buhari called Nigeria’s very hardworking youths, ‘lazy’, overseas.
  7. Buhari never gave account on how much of the nation’s funds were spent on his medical bills abroad, for 3 good years.
  8. Buhari never explained to Nigerians, where his son, Yusuf, got several millions of Naira to buy the motorbike he had an accident with.
  9. Buhari said that his wife, Aisha, belongs in the OTHER ROOM, thereby, demeaning the role of women in the 21st century.
  10. Buhari abandoned Bola Tinubu, after helping him secure an outstanding victory in 2015, and has now picked him from the ‘trash’ where he left him for 3 years, now that he has need for him again.
  11. Buhari has refused to release Sambo Dasuki on bail, despite local and international court orders.
  12. Buhari refused to change his Security Chiefs from only Northerners, despite the cries from other regions of the country.
  13. Buhari dealt with the South-East region with his Operation Python Dance, in 2017.
  14. Buhari did not give room to Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, to help him with his very brilliant ideas that could better the governance of the country.
  15. Buhari refused to take any action against the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Ibrahim Idris, after he learnt that the IGP failed to go to Benue State, as he had instructed, during the herdsmen attacks.
  16. Buhari kept mute most times when Nigerians were killed on a daily basis, like common animals.
  17. Buhari failed to take any action against Rotimi Amaechi, his Minister of Transportation, after the recently leaked audio recordings berating him and his government.
  18. Buhari never took any action on Ibe Kachikwu’s letter, regarding the shady dealings in the Petroleum Ministry.
  19. Buhari selfishly appointed himself as the Petroleum Minister, even without any personal intellectual input in the sector.
  20. Buhari accepted defected PDP members with corruption cases into the APC, and parleyed with them openly.
  21. Buhari did not improve the Health sector.
  22. Buhari did not create great infrastructure.
  23. Buhari did not improve the Educational sector.
  24. Buhari never condemned the criminal action of the ex-Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, and would never have fired her, if she did not honourably resign.
  25. Buhari did not take any action against the ex-Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, after she resigned, as she is now abroad enjoying life.
  26. Buhari’s Ministers failed to deliver in their various Ministries.
  27. Buhari did not provide stable power supply, nationwide.
  28. Buhari failed to make 1 Dollar = 1 Naira.
  29. Millions of Nigerian youths lost their jobs under Buhari.
  30. Millions of Nigerian graduates with great results, remain unemployed under Buhari.
  31. Buhari did not pay the N5,000 monthly stipends he promised unemployed Nigerians.
  32. Buhari engaged in vote-buying and deceptive politics, by sending Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, to distribute N10,000 to very poor and vulnerable Nigerians, in the name of Trader-Moni, just a few months to his re-election.
  33. Buhari did not initiate and complete any tangible project, nationwide.
  34. Buhari did nothing to support young Nigerian future entrepreneurs with money, who are not interested in Agriculture.
  35. Buhari locked up Activists and Opposition, for speaking against his government.
  36. Buhari refused to provide housing for poor Nigerians.
  37. Buhari took credit for all Goodluck Jonathan’s initiated projects.
  38. Buhari arrested Journalists and Editors, for writing against his government.
  39. Buhari never explained to Nigerians the whereabouts of the Ikoyi loot.
  40. Buhari did not address the NNPC loot.
  41. Buhari did not tell Nigerians who and who benefitted from the returned Abacha loot.
  42. Buhari still wines and dines with the sacked former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Babachir Lawal, despite corruption allegations.
  43. Buhari could not stand boldly before United States President, Donald Trump, and represent Nigeria, and negotiate great deals.
  44. Buhari never proved to Nigerians that there is no Cabal controlling his government, in Aso Rock.
  45. Buhari could not ensure peace in his party, APC.
  46. Buhari did not provide great transportation, nationwide.
  47. Buhari refused to fix the main Federal roads, nationwide.
  48. Buhari may not participate in the forthcoming 2019 Presidential Debate.
  49. Buhari’s English and tone are not clear enough for us to understand what he says.
  50. Buhari does not speak well of Nigerians, when he speaks abroad.
  51. Buhari lacks great ideas that can transform Nigeria for good, in the shortest possible time.
  52. Buhari is full of endless excuses.
  53. Buhari does not easily understand and assimilate quickly, when communicating with his counter-parts abroad.
  54. Buhari failed to take any action against the deadly Fulani herdsmen.
  55. Buhari refuses to be interviewed on live TV, by Nigerian Journalists.
  56. Buhari created ‘Hate Speech’, to stop freedom of speech under Nigeria’s democracy.
  57. Buhari fought and lost his battle with Senate President, Bukola Saraki.
  58. Buhari is an analog President, not updated with modern technologies.
  59. Buhari is not a romantic President, was never seen hugging or kissing his wife, Aisha, in public.
  60. Buhari’s APC has proven to be worse than PDP, in terms of governance in general.
  61. Buhari never allowed for the prosecution of Rotimi Amaechi, despite all the corruption allegations, when he was the Governor of Rivers State.
  62. Buhari never told Nigerians the source of funds for his 2015 election campaign, despite claims that he was a very poor Cattle Rearer before the elections.
  63. Buhari did not patronise Nigerian Hospitals and Doctors, when he was terminally ill, but ran away to the United Kingdom, for first class medical services, abandoning the decayed Nigerian Hospitals, and Healthcare in general.
  64. Buhari recently admitted that his Security Chiefs have been disappointing in securing the nation.
  65. Buhari did not bring back all the Chibok Schoolgirls, as he boasted before the 2015 elections.
  66. Buhari failed to contribute to the transformation and development of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
  67. Price of foodstuffs skyrocketed under Buhari.
  68. Poverty rate skyrocketed under Buhari.
  69. Nigeria became the world’s headquarters of poverty under Buhari.
  70. Almost all the Foreign Investors abandoned Nigeria and packed out under Buhari.
  71. Immigration and visa acquisition became really difficult under Buhari.
  72. Local and International flight fares drastically increased under Buhari.
  73. More marriages have broken-up under Buhari, because of hardship.
  74. Many children can no longer attend Schools under Buhari.
  75. More Nigerians have died under Buhari, either out of hunger, depression, or insecurity.
  76. Nigerians ceased to be the happiest people in the world under Buhari.
  77. Yemi Osinbajo lost his hard earned integrity, both as a Lawyer, Pastor, Professor of Law, and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, under Buhari.
  78. Apostle Johnson Suleiman was arrested and framed up under Buhari.
  79. The Igbos were threatened to be evicted from the entire North, under Buhari.
  80. Internet fraud skyrocketed under Buhari.
  81. Prostitution increased and cheapened under Buhari.
  82. Money rituals increased under Buhari.
  83. The rate of begging, even by graduates, increased drastically under Buhari.
  84. Ibe Kachikwu, a world class Oil Expert, lost his credibility under Buhari.
  85. IGP, Ibrahim Idris, among other Allies of the President, refused to respect the National Assembly under Buhari.
  86. SARS harassment was for a long time ignored by Buhari, untill Yemi Osinbajo took action, when he was Acting President, in 2018.
  87. Social life in general reduced under Buhari.
  88. The price of brand new cars drastically multiplied under Buhari.
  89. Nigerians do not trust Buhari for a free and fair 2019 general elections.
  90. Buying of Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, started under Buhari.
  91. APC have refused to lose any major elections in the country under Buhari.
  92. Dead people were given very strategic appointments under Buhari.
  93. Buhari claims to have recovered a lot of corrupt money and assets, and also claims to have raised a lot of revenue from the Treasury Single Account, but still travels all around the world borrowing, leaving intelligent Nigerians totally confused, when he says there is no money.
  94. Buhari has a lying Information Minister, in the name of Lai Mohammed.
  95. Buhari refused to react, when President Donald Trump described him as ‘Lifeless’, after he visited the White House.
  96. Peter Obi of the PDP, disgraced and defeated Yemi Osinbajo of the APC, at the 2019 Vice Presidential Candidates Debate, last year.
  97. Buhari failed to fulfill any of his 2015 campaign promises.
  98. Nigerians cannot afford to go through another four years of hunger and hardship under Buhari.
  99. Buhari’s fight against corruption is clearly one sided, even though he is in total denial of that fact.
  100. Finally, Nigerians deserve a better life, a better President that cares, that is intellectually sound, and is willing to fight for the betterment of every single Nigerian, no matter what.

This piece was written by the Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria, Salisu Abdulai, and some of its contents are alleged. Thank you.

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