Apostle Johnson Suleman Jubilates, As Stephanie Otobo Set To Name Her Politician Sponsors, Shuts Down Recent Viral Video

By Post Nigeria January 30, 2018 19:28

Apostle Johnson Suleman Jubilates, As Stephanie Otobo Set To Name Her Politician Sponsors, Shuts Down Recent Viral Video

The Vanguard is exclusively reporting that, in reaction to a video published by a popular online medium, earlier today, Stephanie Otobo, a Canada-based stripper and musician, has denied allegations that she was lured by Apostle Johnson Suleman, to confess to having lied against the Preacher over a sex scandal that rocked the internet in 2017.

Stephanie Otobo speaking exclusively to Vanguard, in her Lagos hideout this afternoon, said: “I was not lured, kidnapped, forced or paid to confess. I confessed for my own peace of mind and my wellbeing as a human being.”

When prodded further by Vanguard, Otobo said: “How much can the Apostle pay me that will match what I was paid, and I am still being offered more, by my sponsors?”

Asked what prompted her sudden desire for “peace of mind”, Miss Otobo said she has had sleepless nights for several months over the role she played as the fulcrum of the sex scandal.

She also accused her alleged sponsors of blackmail, stating that the said video was made in June 2017, in the Canada home of a certain Chidi, the guy she claimed was responsible for most of her videos last year.

Otobo said the well-rehearsed video was made as an insurance tool against her in the likely event that she ever exposed the plot by her manipulators.

According to her: “That video was made in June, 2017 and it was made by my manipulators so that they would have something against me in case I ever told the truth.”

She said majority of the readers on (Online Medium) also mentioned the possibility of foul play. One of them said the online medium “was in such a hurry, they failed to edit the part where the girl mentions the date that video was made (June 2017).”S

he also said that another commentator wondered why anybody would make a video and save it for almost one year in anticipation of such a day, if it was not a deliberate scheme against the Apostle.

Looking radiant in her white shirt and deep blue pants, Stephanie Otobo seemed happy as she exchanged light banters with Vanguard’s Correspondent, before agreeing to make them an exclusive video. The Urhobo-born musician also expressed fears about her security as she vowed to unmask her manipulators in court rather than on social media.

“For those of you asking me to mention names, sure, I will mention names in court, because they have been sending emails and texts offering me a lot of money, but I cannot be manipulated anymore.”

She urged all parties involved in the scandal to move on, as she has found peace with God and herself.

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Exclusive(Video): Stephanie Otobo discredits online video, vows to mention her sponsors


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