Buhari Blows Hot From London Hospital Bed, Orders ALL Aso Rock Cabals, Ministers, To Bow To Acting President Osinbajo

By Post Nigeria June 18, 2017 07:13

Buhari Blows Hot From London Hospital Bed, Orders ALL Aso Rock Cabals, Ministers, To Bow To Acting President Osinbajo

The Nation is reporting that President Muhammadu Buhari, is from his medical vacation in London, United Kingdom, UK, resisting attempts by some government officials, including Ministers, to undermine the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo.

The report states that the President has refused to see such government officials, who sneak to the United Kingdom with files for his signature, thereby bypassing and disregarding the authority of the Acting President.

According to top sources, the ailing President has rejected such files, and asked the affected government functionaries to take all documents and issues to the Acting President, Osinbajo.

He has also refused to grant audience to Ministers and some Presidential Aides, who indicated interest to see him.

Sources added that, the President insisted that his administration runs one Presidency, and since there is an Acting President in place, any attempt to create a division by anyone, will not be tolerated.

It was gathered that one of the delegations that went on a futile trip to see Buhari, returned to Abuja on Wednesday, a few hours to the signing of the 2017 Budget by the Acting President.

It was further learnt that during the failed trips, some files and documents were taken to the President ostensibly for his perusal and approval, but he refused to act on them.

In line with his belief in due process, the President directed that all files and documents be made available to the Acting President.

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A top source said: “Despite the fact that he is fast recuperating, the President has tried as much as possible to stick to one Presidency.

“He has refused to see some government officials who went to London to see him, instead of being at their desks to work. He also returned all files and documents to those who brought them to London.

“The President gave stern instructions that all files, documents, and issues needing decisions, should be taken to the Acting President. He does not want a divided government. Buhari is living up to his Spartan discipline.

“He has restricted audience to two or three Personal Aides with him, in London. This is why there are no leaks associated with his first medical trip this time around.”

The source added: “Those involved in taking files and documents to London, had their ego deflated. Since their return from the various shuttles, they have been trying to curry the favour of the Acting President, or cooperate with him. They did not know that intelligence report had exposed their antics.

“And the truth is that, the President has been speaking with the Acting President.”



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