BREAKING: Buhari Set To Shut Down Supreme Court, Moves To Block NJC From Sacking The New CJN, Tomorrow

By Post-Nigeria: February 10, 2019 15:10

BREAKING: Buhari Set To Shut Down Supreme Court, Moves To Block NJC From Sacking The New CJN, Tomorrow

The Opposition political parties, under the aegis of the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, on Sunday, has said that it has obtained credible intelligence, that a combined team of Security Agents have been approved by the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency, to cordon off the Supreme Court, the venue of the National Judicial Council, NJC, meeting, scheduled for Monday, as members proceed to consider the answers to the queries issued to the suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Walter Onnoghen, and Justice Tanko Mohammed, the new Acting CJN.

According to a statement on Sunday, by the Coalition’s Spokesman, Imo Ugochinyere, the Security Operatives have been handed instructions, that they should do whatever is necessary, to ensure that the NJC indicts the CJN, and sets Justice Mohammed free from all allegations.

The Coalition’s Spokesman, Imo Ugochinyere, in a statement, revealed that an Assistant Inspector-General of Police, AIG, and another senior Security Officer from the Department of State Services, DSS, are to coordinate the operation.

Ugochinyere said: “The Security Agents are to claim that there is intelligence of a possible breach of security, which would warrant the increased security.

“They are to coax, coerce, and show some members their unfavourable security reports, to get them to do the bidding of the government.

“This latest decision was informed by the fact that the Federal Government is aware that the Nigerian opposition has obtained further evidence to prove that the removal of Justice Walter Onnoghen from Office by President Buhari, is merely for political purpose, having failed in a bid to recruit the CJN to support the APC, and use the exalted Office of the Chief Justice, to unduly favour the party and the President, in the post 2019 Supreme Court election petition appeals. Knowing that they do not have anything on the CJN, they have resorted to strong-arm tactics, intimidation, and harassment.

“It has come to light that the Interim Investigation Report, which was intercepted by the opposition, was actually a report of a former investigation by the EFCC, which was found to have no merit, and which was discarded, but was now doctored by the EFCC Chairman, and submitted to the President, as a purported indictment of the CJN.

“A copy of the statement issued by the former Spokesperson of the Commission, on September 6, 2017, clearly showed that the EFCC had investigated the CJN, following his appointment as Acting CJN, and had discarded the petitions after full investigations.

“The Chairman of EFCC is simply framing the CJN, in a bid to help shield the Presidency from the obvious unconstitutional act of the removal of the CJN.”

Ugochinyere claimed further, that from the Interim Report submitted by Magu, it was clear that the investigation covered the period ending in 2016, just before the appointment as Acting CJN, and the Commission did not find any merit in the petition.

He added that while reproducing the same report, Magu presented it as an ongoing report, and purported to make insinuations that the CJN was corrupt.

“The report also shows that President Muhammadu Buhari was aware of the investigation, both at the EFCC and the Code of Conduct Bureau, and exposed the fact that the VicePresident, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo, was not telling the truth to the entire nation and the world, when he publicly claimed that the President was not aware of the activities of the investigating Agencies, concerning the CJN. Both the Vice President and the EFCC Chairman, ought to tender their resignations, having been exposed indubitably to have lied to the nation, so as to save the government some shame and reference as a lying government. It is now categorical that the government manipulated Institutions of State, to frame up, blackmail, and tarnish the image of persons who refuse to be recruited into their unpatriotic plot.

“Now that the truth has been laid bare, the Nigerian opposition declares that the unlawful and unconstitutional removal of Justice Walter Onnoghen from Office by President Muhammadu Buhari, was merely a political move, and was completely unconnected to any fight against corruption. It is clear that the travails of the CJN is politically motivated, an afterthought, a witch-hunt, and a calculated attempt to continue the unwarranted attacks and harassment of the Head of the Judiciary and third arm of government, because he refused to yield his Office for trading of judgments and judicial reprieve.

“The factional CJN, Tanko Mohammed, is now yielding the Office of the CJN to the Executive, to manipulate the NJC meeting for his own personal gain, and to reap the fruit of the illegal forced suspension of Justice Onnoghen. Nigerians are reminded to keep vigil over the venue, so that the last hope of the common man is not conquered. Also, the members of the NJC are the last line of defence for the Judiciary, and they bear the burden of standing firm to resist this invasion by these political barbarians, by sacking Justice Tanko Mohammed from the Bench, for conniving to breach the NJC guidelines and the 1999 Constitution. The plot to use Security Agents to attempt to intimidate members of the NJC is reprehensible, condemnable, and repugnant, and must be dismantled immediately, as continuing with it will be one abuse too many in a constitutional democracy”, he added.

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