Great Tension As Buhari’s Men Swing Into Action, Arrest A Popular Nigerian Pastor, For Daring To Interfere With Islam

By Post Nigeria January 19, 2018 08:48

Great Tension As Buhari’s Men Swing Into Action, Arrest A Popular Nigerian Pastor, For Daring To Interfere With Islam

There are reports that a popular Nigerian Pastor, Simput Eagles Dafup, has been arrested and whisked away to an unknown destination, by men of the Department of State Security Services, DSS, for allegedly converting a Muslim girl to a Christian, in Plateau State.

This was made known to the Press by the Executive Director, Voice of Northern Christian Movement, Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa.

Pastor Dikwa noted that controversy trailing the alleged conversion of a Muslim girl to Christianity, if not handled maturely, could result in a different thing between Christians and Muslims in the country.

He explained: “Nigeria security has declared war against Christians in this country. Simput Eagles Dafup was taken away from his house in Jos, on Monday, 8th January 2018, by DSS men, for alleged preaching and converting Miss Nabila Umar Sanda Galadima, the Galadima Biu Emirate Council in Borno State.

“Muslims have abducted 100 Christian girls under the age of 18 and forcefully converted them to lslam and we have reported to security agencies severally but no arrest was made or return of Christian girls to their parents.

“We have 3 Court cases of abduction of Christian girls and we have even gone to Court to appeal in Jos, Plateau State and the Judge has passed judgment directing Bauchi State Commissioner of Justice and Commissioner of Police to return the girls to their parents but Bauchi State Government and Nigeria Police neglected the Court order.”

He noted that the case of Nabila Umar who he explained is above 18 years, should be handled diligently, in order to avoid any breakdown of law and order.

He lamented: “The abduction of Christian girls has continued unabated. Such scenarios are serious cases of injustice against Christians in the country, and the perpetrators have often gone Scott free.”

“The DSS is trying to manipulate the case to defend themselves that the case is a kidnapped one. On Tuesday, 16th January 2018, the DSS invited me to their office in Abuja headquarters and pleaded with me that l should not go to the press, they were going to release Engr. Simput Eagles Dafup on 17th January 2018, as l am talking to you, they have not released him.

“Miss Nabila Umar Sanda hired a taxi from Abuja to Jos and how can someone that hired a taxi to travelled and meet Engr. Simput Eagles Dafup in Jos become a kidnapper? The taxi driver that she hired to Jos from Abuja, Mr. Daniel Hassan, was also arrested with Engr. Simput Eagles Dafup.

“DSS has no case because the arrest is illegal. No written report or petition on kidnap of Miss Nabila Umar to the office of DSS. No any report or announcement whether in print, social or electronic media that Nabila Umar was kidnapped but they are just trying to manipulate the case.”



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