Northern War!!! The Igbos Started This Evil Madness – Angry HRH, Lamido Sanusi Releases Very Shocking Statement

By Post-Nigeria June 10, 2017 08:07

Northern War!!! The Igbos Started This Evil Madness – Angry HRH, Lamido Sanusi Releases Very Shocking Statement

At the heels of the controversy trailing the quit notice order given by the Arewa Youth Forum, for all Igbos to vacate Northern Nigeria within three-months, the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, has lent his voice to the crisis.

In a statement made available to Post-Nigeria, on Saturday, Sanusi went down memory lane, on how the Igbos carried out the first Military coup, that led to the death of top Northerners in the early 60s.

The statement reads:

The Igbo people of Nigeria have made a mark in the history of this nation. They led the first successful military coup which eliminated the Military and Political leaders of other regions while letting off Igbo leaders. Nwafor Orizu, then Senate President, in consultation with President Azikiwe, subverted the constitution and handed over power to Aguiyi-Ironsi.

Subsequent developments, including attempts at humiliating other peoples, led to the counter-coup and later the civil war. The Igbos themselves must acknowledge that they have a large part of the blame for shattering the unity of this country.

Having said that, this nation must realise that Igbos have more than paid for their foolishness. They have been defeated in war, rendered paupers by monetary policy fiat, their properties declared abandoned and confiscated, kept out of strategic public sector appointments and deprived of public services. The rest of the country forced them to remain in Nigeria and has continued to deny them equity.

The Northern Bourgeoisie and the Yoruba Bourgeoisie have conspired to keep the Igbo out of the scheme of things. In the recent transition when the Igbo solidly supported the PDP in the hope of an Ekwueme presidency, the North and South- West treated this as a Biafra agenda. Every rule set for the primaries, every gentleman´s agreement was set aside to ensure that Obasanjo, not Ekwueme emerged as the candidate. Things went as far as getting the Federal Government to hurriedly gazette a pardon. Now, with this government, the marginalistion of the Igbo is more complete than ever before. The Igbos have taken all these quietly because, they reason, they brought it upon themselves. But the nation is sitting on a time-bomb.

After the First World War, the victors treated Germany with the same contempt Nigeria is treating Igbos. Two decades later, there was a Second World War, far costlier than the first.

Germany was again defeated, but this time, they won a more honourable peace. Our present political leaders have no sense of History. There is a new Igbo man, who was not born in 1966 and neither knows nor cares about Nzeogwu and Ojukwu.

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There are Igbo men on the street who were never Biafrans. They were born Nigerians, are Nigerians, but suffer because of actions of earlier generations. They will soon decide that it is better to fight their own war, and may be find an honourable peace, than to remain in this contemptible state in perpetuity.

The Northern Bourgeoisie and the Yoruba Bourgeoisie have exacted their pound of flesh from the Igbos. For one Sardauna, one Tafawa Balewa, one Akintola and one Okotie- Eboh, hundreds of thousands have died and suffered.

If this issue is not addressed immediately, no conference will solve Nigeria´s problems.

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  • Nwaocha Chidi

    Nicely put piece

  • Chuma Anierobi

    Why did this guy leave out the cause of the 1960 coup? People sound stupid trying to defend nonsense.
    If the AG convention in Jos did not produce the carnage in the West there could had been no problem.
    If the military folded its hands and the killings continued in the West no one would ever know the result.
    I was thinking that Sanusi was a sincere man. What caused the genocide against Easterners? If it was a revenge
    for the death of Belo why did Usman Katsina say no but Gowon, Danjuma and co said yes? Go and find out what decree 34
    was meant to do for us and who it worked against. Ignorance is no reason. Are the people of Western Nigeria angry that the killings stopped or what?

    • Onisile

      Sir, I don’t think you should insult Emir Sanusi cos he brought out history and the real fact behind the whole scenario

      • NoPeaceInOurTime

        Rubbish. Read real history yourself. Stop waiting to be spoon fed by partisans.

      • Yahaya Abdullahi

        Let the igbos go with their biafra and the rest of them living in other parts of the country also join them….. That is what they want LET THEM GO…..

        so what?

        LET THEM GO!!!!!!

      • Yahaya Abdullahi




        In view of recent events in the political space called Nigeria, we, the youths of Oduduwa republic occupying the geographical space called South West of Nigeria hereby categorically state without any reservation that we are sick and tired of the generational threats of the Igbo extraction of this forced union, to go their separate ways in what they call Biafra.

        In this threat we were born, in this threat we’ve lived our lives and if care is not taken, in this same threat our children will grow up and give birth to their own children.

        It is unfortunate that our fathers do not realize the enormous damage they do to our personalities and confidence by keeping quiet all these years making us look like the Igbos are doing us a favour by cohabiting with us, occupying our space, enjoying our resources and even to the point of dominating our political arena.

        Without wasting time in going to the details of the issues, as the whole world knows too well where we are coming from, where we are and where we are likely to end up, we wish to make it abundantly clear that we shall no longer tolerate the madness of the Igbo region intimidating, harassing and defrauding the Yoruba nation with their empty calls for Biafra.

        As from today, the 7th day of June 2017, any mention of Biafra again on our soil will automatically, without recourse to any other warning, earn the Igbos an eviction notice from all of the six states that form ODUDUWA REPUBLIC namely, for the avoidance of doubts, Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo and Ekiti.

        We shall within three months of such act of agitation for Biafra do everything possible to chase the Igbos out of our land so we all can leave in peace and regain our dignity as human race.

        If you are my wife or my husband and every morning you wake up, you threaten to divorce me, one day, no matter how gentle and loving I am, I will get tired of your threats and accept your proposal, that exactly is the stage we are now. But note that you cannot divorce me and still insist you want to live in my house or keep occupying my space.

        You cannot divorce me and still insist on sleeping with me forever, it cannot just work. You divorce me, you go your way and allow somebody else who values me, who will not be abusing and cursing me everyday of my life to move in and occupy the space. It’s just common sense.

        It should be noted that we are not by this declaration asking the Igbos to leave our space, however, the choice is theirs.

        If you want to live within the ODUDUWA REPUBLIC, you must henceforth shut up, shut down your agitation for Biafra, respect us as a people, your loving and accommodating hosts and choose to live in peace with us, otherwise, any three months from the time you carry out any Biafra activity again, we will make sure you vacate our land.

        The fact that our fathers have tolerated this nonsense for ages does not make all of us stupid, Oduduwa lineage is never a cowardly race, we only don’t react intuitively, even the Igbo race should know by now that everyone has been pushed to the wall and if you think this is an empty threat, we dare you to dare us.

        We are using this medium also to call on all Nigerian citizens of Yoruba extraction living, working or sojourning in any part of the Southern region of the Nigeria to, as a matter of urgency, begin to make a relocation plan.

        Home is home, nowhere else is better than home. Please do not allow this time bomb to catch you unawares.

        Most of the people parading themselves as Yoruba leaders will not take any proactive steps now because their children and family members are not in any of those areas, they are rather scattered all over the US and Europe so be careful in listening to their ass

      • Chuma Anierobi

        Writing what is wrong creates trouble. Reply to my point on what started the trouble we are experiencing today in the country. Start from AG convention in Jos please and tell me if the soldiers should had folded their hands and let the carnage continue in the West. I am writing for peace.

      • Chuma Anierobi

        lost my pin

        Uncle Chuma

    • Abdullateef Raji

      We can always state our individual views on issues without insulting any one. Heat speach is one problem that Nigerians should learn to stop. Unfortunately is common with Easterners. God guide us.

      • Dauda Ibrahim

        I doubt if his comment was insulting.

  • Mat_Dubs

    This speech by the Emir of Kano was delivered at Muson Centre Lagos many months ago. is reproducing the same old speech with a false biased and sensational headline to heat up the polity. There was nothing in that speech that is sensational. Publishers should please endeavour to spread factual news. Bringing an old speech which the erudite Emir made to build equity and peace across present day Nigerians and giving it a false caption to weep up ethnic tension is unjustified. Please join the Emir to build bridges of peace and equity across a new Nigeria rather than fanning the ambers of hatred and war.