Buhari against women – Gender activist

By Post Nigeria January 10, 2015 13:01

Buhari against women – Gender activist

Canada-based magazine publisher, Chioma Ikejian, has said that the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, is a misogynist and if elected, will degrade Nigerian women to a position that can be likened to what the Taliban did to women in Afghanistan.

The gender rights activist has urged Nigerian women to rise against the former military head of state, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, due to his intentions to scrap the office of the First Lady when elected, without thoughts to the dilapidating effect it will have on the development of women.

In one of his campaign speeches, Buhari categorically said he would dissolve the office of the first lady if he was elected into power.

Ms. Ikejiani, who publishes a gender-based international magazine, AMOI, while speaking to journalists in Abuja, said Buhari’s promise was against the development of Nigerian women, which had received commendable attention under the current administration.

According to Ms Ikejiani, Nigerian women have worked hard enough to earn their spot in the nation and have proved to be capable of handling higher positions.

She pointed out that the office of the First Lady brought about the 35% affirmative action which has given women a credible and active placement of trust in the nation.

“You know, as military head of state, he did not consider women to be of any value in the governance project. It took his successor, General Ibrahim Babangida, to recognize the important role women play in governance and development,

“Therefore, his promise to do away with the office of first lady is a promise that should worry our women. They should rise and make sure that the promise does not come to pass because if it does, our women will be returned to the dark ages where they are seen as better off in the kitchen.”