Buhari, APC lied about Office of the First Lady – Aisha Buhari’s Aide

By Sanni Muhammed September 22, 2015 13:03

Buhari, APC lied about Office of the First Lady – Aisha Buhari’s Aide

Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari has taken full control of all the apparatus in the office of the First Lady as operated by her predecessor Dame Patience Jonathan, located in the Presidential Villa, despite President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, APC, promising the opposite during the presidential election.

A top official working in the “Office of the First Lady” spoke exclusively to POST NIGERIA on the condition of anonymity and confessed to the fact that the APC only used the scrapping of the office to lure Nigerians into favourably voting for the party.

The source also hinted that Mrs. Buhari’s roles and responsibilities had not changed since her predecessor vacated the scene as she only dropped the title “First Lady” as a smokescreen.

    “Officially she is the First Lady, there must be an Office of the First Lady; they were just being hypocritical by not telling Nigerians when they were campaigning.

    “The Office of the First Lady is useless because she should rather be working in partnership with whoever is going to be the Minister of Women Affairs.

    “They should cancel it and whatever she wants to do for women or youth, they should just work together with the women affairs by putting more money by expanding the women affairs ministry and forming more parastatals to handle more issues instead of this jamboree.”

Ahead of the March 28th election, Buhari and the APC as part of their campaign promises told Nigerians that there would be no office of the first lady should they emerge victorious in the election. This was a selling point during the “Change campaign” that ushered in Buhari’s administration.

    “The office of the first lady is not in the constitution, so there’s no official role for them,” these were Buhari’s exact words prior to the general election.

When he made this pledge, three things happened; those who saw the office as a waste of public resources switched camps and aligned with the APC, those who saw Patience Jonathan’s overriding influence, were happy because they believed that Buhari was taking the part of the constitution.

Finally, those who simply wanted former President Jonathan out of office because of his wife, found a perfect opportunity to ventilate their grievances against her.

This deception has slipped into the public domain recently, starting with the appointment of one Hajo Sani who is currently serving as the Senior Special Assistant at the “Office of the Wife of the President.”

The Presidency tried to cloak this but a congratulatory message from Sani’s classmates, published in the Daily Trust newspaper publication on August 14 addressing her as the “Senior Special Assistant to Aisha Buhari” clearly shows how hard the President and the APC have been trying to cover their tracks.

Recently, the office of the Wife of the President in conjunction with a United Kingdom based private firm, organized a seminar on protocol, etiquette and security for wives of State Governors, where Aisha Buhari hosted wives of other State Governors wives in a similar fashion like her predecessor.

Added to this, she also hosted children to an elaborate Sallah party, just like it was during the Patience Jonathan era where children were hosted at festive periods. This has also been the style of previous First Ladies.

In a rather presidential manner, she has also initiated a pet project and advocacy programme in the north, where she has been visiting States and treated to lavish receptions from Governors and their wives.

In a recent meeting with officials of the Ministry of Health where she summoned them to an official meeting, the officials were captured singing the national anthem reflecting an official arrangement which the office of the First Lady possesses.