Buhari, APC receive another dangerous threat

By Post Nigeria April 2, 2016 18:10

Buhari, APC receive another dangerous threat

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has reminded the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to get ready to vacate the Presidency as the seat of power traditionally belongs to them (PDP).

The National Vice Chairman of the PDP South East, Dr Cairo Ojuogboh, who made this known on Saturday, April 2, in a statement said that the party is staging a comeback.

“The APC is a temporary tenant in Aso Rock Presidential Villa, as the seat of government traditionally belongs to the PDP and it would take it back from the All Progressive Congress in 2019,” Ojougboh said.

He further stated, that not minding the mistakes that the PDP made in the run up to the elections which deprived it of the mandate of Nigerians, both the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari have demonstrated that they were not prepared to rule, because they have nothing to offer.

According to the PDP chieftain, “We want to caution that statements of impunity such as there is no vacancy in Aso Rock in 2019, is not only fallacious, but also should be completely discarded, because there is vacancy in Aso Rock in 2019 and the PDP will take back its property in 2019.

“We are the owners of Aso Rock and we are going back there in 2019. I say so, because it is very obvious that Buhari and APC are not prepared to rule.

“They are wallowing in serious darkness trying to find its feet, but we in the PDP are ready and appealing to Nigerians that come 2019, they should give us a second chance to correct our negligence that made us lose election in 2015. We are working assiduously to take over in 2019,” he said.

While driving home his point that the APC was not prepared to lead a complex country like Nigeria, the PDP chieftain pointed to the recently conducted elections in Rivers state.

He accused the APC of introducing violence in order to cover up for its lack of acceptability in the state.

He said, “All Nigerians and the international community would have been surprised if PDP had lost, because Rivers is a PDP stronghold.

“95% of Rivers people are PDP. There was an attempt by the APC to arm twist the PDP and take away the glory, but the people stood firm for PDP. The issues are very simple and s‎traightforward in Rivers state. Governor Wike is on the ground.

“The leaders of the franchise called APC in Rivers state wanted to prove to their masters in Abuja that they could have an edge in Rivers state so they mobilized the security agencies to intimidate the people.

“It is the APC people that gave military uniforms to their teeming folks to harass and intimidate the PDP. I call on the Independent National Electoral Commission to complete the announcement of results that have been collated at the polling units.”

He noted that while the PDP has accepted its fate as a party in opposition, it was ready to draw attention to anything being done by the APC government that would shortchange the Nigerian people.

“We accept our fate as party in opposition, but opposition is an essential part of democracy and any attempt to muzzle the opposition will not augur well for democracy.

“While we are ready to contribute our quota to the development of democracy, anything that we see as being capable of denying Nigerians their rights and livelihood, we will oppose it.

“There is no doubt that Nigerians were frustrated and disappointed by the seeming failure of sixteen years of the PDP. But if the APC fails to provide workable solutions to the problems created by the PDP rule, it may unwittingly be giving Nigerians reasons to think that PDP deserves a second chance.”‎