Buhari can’t be trusted- APGA’s National Chairman

By Post Nigeria December 29, 2014 13:07

Buhari can’t be trusted- APGA’s National Chairman

The National Chairman of APGA, Victor Umeh, has declared that President Goodluck Jonathan will win the Presidential elections in February 2015.

The Senatorial candidate for Anambra Central said as far as he was concerned, Muhammed Buhari’s democratic credentials remain questionable.

According to Umeh, “on Buhari’s candidature, there are many reasons why Jonathan will win the 2015 presidential election.

“One, we will campaign for him; for Buhari, this is the fourth presidential election he is contesting in this country. He is a great Nigerian, I respect him for his discipline, but this election goes beyond that type of consideration.

“We need somebody who is balanced in his views, somebody who is urbane, if you look at the way things have gone in Nigeria, you will know that there are two sides of a coin, for the fact that he overthrew the democratically elected government in 1983 makes a lot of people uncomfortable with his democratic credentials.

“His coup, to a large extent, dragged Nigeria through a long period of military coups, which would have been avoided.

“If we had a smooth transition from civilian to another civilian administration in 1983, you would have seen that by now, we would have been able to correct our mistakes and all the flaws in our democracy. It is not just about saying I will fight corruption, we know that he will fight corruption but after that what happens.

“Nobody knows what he would do when he wins, but then whether democracy will survive, I cannot guarantee that. And democracy is the only form of governance that can turn the fortune of any country around.

“But the character of the individual is very important so if he gets there and begins to use military tactics, all of us will be the worse for it. You saw what we suffered under Obasanjo’s leadership, it was under Obasanjo that Nigeria never had a credible election,” Umeh added.