Buhari doing anything different from GEJ??

By Sanni Muhammed October 22, 2015 16:20

Buhari doing anything different from GEJ??

With the December deadline given to the Nigerian military by President Muhammadu Buhari to end and crush insurgency in the N/East gradually elapsing, senior military sources have confirmed that 250 South African mercenaries have been hired to meet the deadline.

Buhari in September, had given the military a December deadline to completely weed out Boko Haram elements in the ongoing counter insurgency operation. However the military has expressed doubt over the possibility of meeting the deadline, attributing logistics and weather as possible hindrances to meeting the deadline.

In order to accelerate the anti-insurgency fight, top military source at the Nigeria Defense Headquarters who spoke on anonymity to Anadolu Agency have confirmed that an estimated 250 mercenaries hired from South Africa based private contractor Specialized Task, Training, Equipment and Protection, STTEP, are being deployed along with fighter jets in Operation Fire Force. STTEP includes veterans from the South African apartheid era who will work with and train a Nigerian strike force, according to the source.

      “The mercenaries have been reengaged and their platforms are being deployed,” the source said.

“By platforms, I mean fighter jets, helicopters, communication, surveillance, medics, etc.”

Another army source also confirmed this development to Anadolu Agency stating that the Army is currently engaging the services of mercenaries

    “There is definitely something happening in that direction,” the source said, again on condition of anonymity.

According to STTEP’s official website, the company’s trainers and advisers are drawn from “conventional, clandestine, and covert units of the pre-1994 South African Defense Force”.

Buhari during his presidential campaign slammed the former president Goodluck Jonathan for engaging the use of mercenaries to combat boko haram, describing the decision as “shameful”.

Asked why the Buhari administration is again deploying mercenaries, the defense HQ source said it appeared to be the most practical option if headway was to be made against militants whose guerilla tactics are new to the Nigerian military.

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