Buhari failed Nigerian youths – APC

By Cynthia Ferdinand November 27, 2015 12:40

Buhari failed Nigerian youths – APC

National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Ibrahim Dasuki Jalo, has expressed discontent with President Muhammadu Buhari’s lukewarm approach towards Nigerian youth.

Speaking at a workshop organized for the APC youth in collaboration with the International Republican Institute IRI, titled “The Role of Youths in post-election era.” He accused Buhari of using and dumping the youths after election, with no young Minister in his Cabinet.

Jalo blamed the party for reducing the youths to mere active spectators after they had achieved their aim.

    “It’s therefore pertinent for the youths of Nigeria to come together to address this problem.

    “There is this saying that the youth are leaders of tomorrow but in Nigeria today, the tomorrow seems endless. After all we are leaders of today not tomorrow because we have waited long enough and this tomorrow remains an elusive business.

    “It is my opinion that the young people be given the opportunity to serve in leadership positions especially by this government because of the role they played in ensuring victory during the last election. Yet the young people are clouded, therefore the imbalance needs to be corrected.”

Jalo noted that the youths contribute a huge percentage of the voter’s population and should be given a chance to participate actively in governance.

    “In order to build next generation of leaders, we must invest in the young people, the government must give support and ensure participation of young people in politics and government, and every effort must be made to ensure they become better citizens.

    “But in most cases the youths of Nigeria are usually used and dumped by politicians. Most especially during elections after getting into office they rarely have something for the young people. When in the real sense they constitute the majority of the voters with about 60 percent of the total voting population.

    “It is regrettable that with the population of about 70 million people, the youth constitute a powerful voting bloc in election, but they are however missing from political space active players, but active spectators. As indicated by the hype of activity in social media,” he said.

National Auditor of the APC, George Moghalu, admitted that Buhari and his generation had failed the youth.

He however said Nigerian youths were ill-prepared to handle leadership positions

    “My generation has in many ways failed to do the right thing, we forgot that society is a continuum and the decisions we take each day affect not only those of us living, but generations that come after us.

    “For all these and more, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. We say of many things that they cannot be forgiven but it is from forgiveness that we can forget the sins of the past.

    “I am disturbed by the fact that as eager as many of you are to be agents of positive change and irreversible progress in a tumultuous world, you are also in many ways woefully unprepared for the challenges of leadership, the tests of character that will confront you as you step forward to inherit the mantle of leadership that must inevitably pass from one generation to another,” he said.

At the just concluded 2015 elections the APC predominantly engaged Nigerian youths in their numbers, positioning them as tools for propaganda via the social media and promised youth conscious governance.

With their votes, Buhari at 73 years emerged President, and now has a problem working with the youths. (He appointed 36 cabinet members who fall within the age range of 48-68years.)