Buhari In Trouble, As El-Zakzaky Weeps In Indian Hospital, Exposes Hidden Agenda

By Post-Nigeria: August 14, 2019 16:43

Buhari In Trouble, As El-Zakzaky Weeps In Indian Hospital, Exposes Hidden Agenda

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, has alleged that the condition at the Indian hospital, where he was taken to for medical attention, is worse than that of Nigeria.
El-Zakzaky stated this in an audio that has since gone viral on the social media.
Recall, that the Shiite Leader was flown to India, on Monday, following a Kaduna Court order, last week.
He had requested to be allowed to travel to India, for advanced medical treatment, following the deterioration of his health and that of his wife, Zeenah, in detention.
Read the full transcript of Mr. El-Zakzaky’s statement below: The transcript was translated from Hausa to English.
Right now, we are in the city of Delhi, in India. Like you all know, we came here for medical treatment, due to some ailments that I and my wife, Zeenat, have been suffering from.
There is a bullet in Zeenat’s body, and there is also the need for her to get her two knee caps replaced, among other ailments 
On my own part, there are also particles of bullets that were broken into pieces in my eyes, hands and thighs, which have been poisonous to my body.
I think what they are supposed to do first of all, is to extract these bullets which I know the surgery cannot be done in Nigeria, hence the reason for my referral abroad.
Secondly, the poison needs to be extracted from my body, some of it they said is in my bones, and they said the surgery will take some time.
I also have problems with my eyes. Since after the second surgery, my eyes have been weak, which I was also advised to travel to India, for surgery.
We are happy and we know that by coming here, we will get a befitting hospital that will perform the surgery. The medical advice to come to this hospital, which they call Mendata, was given to us by some Foreign Doctors that visited us in Nigeria, and that was why we requested we should be brought to this hospital.
While in Nigeria, we got information that the United States Embassy had given an instruction that we should not be accepted in this hospital, when we arrived.
We also heard that they obeyed the order and said they will not accept us, so, we were even thinking of going elsewhere in India, but later on, we were informed that, that order had been lifted.
We then proceeded to India. On our arrival, we were received by the hospital staff from the Airport, and they escorted us down to the hospital.
While driving from the Airport to the hospital in an ambulance, the staff of the hospital were narrating how some people besieged the Airport, just to see us before proceeding to the hospital, but they (the hospital) tricked them by keeping two ambulances at the location where my supporters were waiting, and drove us out in another ambulance at a different location.
They also said another set of people besieged the hospital, just to see our arrival, but they decided to use an alternative entrance to the hospital, because the were trying to avert any stampede.
When we got here, a staff of the Nigerian Embassy told us that they already assembled with the staff of this hospital and Security Operatives, discussing on what to do when we arrive. They later took us to an Indian Security outfit, that is even more sophisticated than the one we were kept in Nigeria.
Back home in Nigeria, they agreed that nobody should take us to any other hospital aside the hospital of our choice, but we got to realise that the Doctors they brought to us were there just to give advice. We then told them we will not allow any other Doctor, aside our trusted Doctors to attend to us, so that they do not do to us what they could not do with their bullets in Nigeria.
All what we have seen here, have shown us that there is no trust, they just brought us here for another detention. I have been in detention for about thirteen years, but I have never seen this kind of security that I am seeing here, even at the door of my hospital room, there are many security personnel waiting, heavily armed.

They did not even allow me to go to the next room, I started asking myself, all these while I have been in detention, I have never seen this type. Even if I am in the cell, they usually lock us up around 9pm, and open the cell around 7am, and they allow us to go anywhere we want in the area we are.

Even Kirikiri prison will not affect me psychologically like this one. It will not be possible for us to come out of detention just to get medical attention, and now find ourselves in another form of detention. We will not submit ourselves to people we do not trust. There is a need for us to go back home, since it has been agreed that we should travel out to get medical attention, and India is not a place we can trust.

There are other countries that have volunteered to take treatment; some are Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey. We can choose from among these three.

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