Buhari ridicules Nigerian Army on foreign network

By Post Nigeria February 12, 2015 04:40

Buhari ridicules Nigerian Army on foreign network

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari in an interview with Christiane Amanpour of Cable News Network, CNN, has summarily called the Nigerian Military a failure.

During the interview session which was broadcast live on CNN, when quizzed “As a former military general, why is it that the Nigeria military cannot take on Boko Haram?

Buhari said, “It is a great embarrassment that the Nigerian military has not been able to secure 14 Local Governments out of the 774 given their reputation”.

He said it was a disgrace that the Nigerian Military had not been able to secure the territorial jurisdiction of Nigeria.

Buhari’s comments are in bad taste as he is a former soldier and is expected to show respect for the efforts of the Nation’s troops.

Meanwhile it can be recalled that Nigeria has participated in several Peace keeping operations dating back to 1960 when her soldiers were sent to Congo just few days after her independence, wherein she did not only contribute troops, but also commanded the United Nation Operation in Congo, UNOC, operation.

Since then, Nigeria has been involved in many United Nations, UN, peacekeeping operations in many parts of the world some of which are in Bosnia Herzegovina, Iraq, Kuwait, Western Sahara, Rwanda, Somalia, Mozambique, Cambodia, Lebanon, Angola, Beirut, India and Pakistan.

As at December 2000, Nigeria had 3404 troops serving under the UN, making her the second largest contributor to UN peacekeeping missions in the world after Bangladesh with a total contribution of 6040.

Over 100,000 Nigerian troops have served in UN peacekeeping missions around the world since her first participation in 1960 and four of these missions have been commanded by Nigerian senior military officers in Congo, Angola, and Beirut, such is the reputation of the army the former dictator rubbished.

Since his assumption of office in the face of insurgency, President Goodluck Jonathan has taken proactive actions in the fight against it in Nigeria, ranging from procurement of ammunition from Israel and Russia with re-enforcement of troops in the North east region and recovery of areas captured by the terrorists.

The chief among all, as reported by journalists recently was the total leveling of the Sambisa forest, which is the strongest base of the terrorist by the Nigerian troops who were accompanied by regional forces in Borno State.

President Goodluck Jonathan in one of his campaign speeches, made it clear that the Nigeria military has been used to conventional war, since its establishment, but this time around they are fighting a guerilla warfare which has made it very difficult for the Military to tactically as usual, defeat the group which is faceless.