Buhari’s 100 Days in Office score sheet : 4 F9s and 1 B+

By Post Nigeria September 2, 2015 13:14

Buhari’s 100 Days in Office score sheet : 4 F9s and 1 B+

We cannot negotiate with terrorists! Where are our jobs? Where is the food and our strong Naira? Where are the missing Chibok Girls?

These and other questions were on the lips of angry Nigerians who voiced their displeasure at the General Muhammadu Buhari-led government, as it clocked a hundred days in office. The President and his party are accused to have failed to fulfill the promises made.

A cross section of Nigerians who spoke to Post Nigeria on the recently reversed electoral promises made by President Buhari during the build-up to the March 28 presidential election, lamented that promises which included ending insurgency, job creation, reviving the floundering Naira and the unconditional release of the Chibok Girls have been renegaded upon.

In an ongoing poll published by this newspaper, Nigerians vented their displeasure at the President for considering the option of negotiating with insurgents in the N/East, a stand Buhari kicked against prior to his election.

Spokesperson to the government, Mr. Femi Adesina disclosed in an interview with BBC Africa, that if Boko Haram members are willing, the President will negotiate with them.

Buhari during his campaign in February, had said; “Boko Haram is not interested in peace, if they are interested in peace, how can they kill 13,000 Nigerians?”

Less than 48 hours after his inauguration on May 29,the sect welcomed him with twin suicide bomb attacks in Maiduguri, where he had ordered the command and control centre of the anti-terrorism department of the Army be moved to.

With the spate of incessant bomb blast, Buhari made a detour, promising to negotiate with the terrorists.

On job creation, Buhari targeted the creation of 3 million new jobs a year through industrialization, public work and agricultural expansion.

The International Labour Organisation, ILO, had cited unemployment as the biggest threat to social stability in Nigeria. It is estimated that Nigeria has a sobering estimated 70 million unemployed people.

Statistically, Buhari has not created any Job since he mounted that saddle.

According to Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, NBS, job losses increased to 69.9 percent when compared to 327,702 jobs created in the first quarter during former President Goodluck Jonathan.

In an interview with developmental economist and political analyst Dr. Katch Ononuju, he told PN; “We are going to see more of this as we go, the government has not set its priorities right, he is just a sole administrator seeking for an angel who does not exist to work with him.

One Meal A Day
Buhari famously pledged to provide a free feeding programme for primary school pupils, across the federation despite dwindling oil revenue.

The President made this promise during one of his presidential campaigns, stating that his administration will provide “One Meal a day for all Primary school pupils in Nigeria” if the APC was elected to power.

Based on data obtained from the 2006 School Census, the country was said to have 87,941 primary schools while figures from the World Bank in 2010 estimated a gross primary school enrollment of 21,558,460 with a gross enrollment ratio of 84.8%.

At an estimated feeding cost of N70 per child, a day, for the 36 school weeks in a year, the World Bank arrived at a gargantuan sum of N271.6 billion to be exhausted annually on feeding elementary school children in Nigeria in that year alone.

The 2015 budget stands at a total of N4.3trillion with recurrent expenditure gulping N3.97trillion while capital expenditure takes N700billion.

With projected revenue for year 2015 standing at N3.60trillion, there is a clear deficit of N1.297trilion. It is bemusing how President Buhari intends to get as much as N373billion to provide meals for school pupils as he stated during his campaigns to be President.

It should be noted that the figure above, excludes the extra cost of erecting new structures (kitchens) across the federation where the food will be produced, cost of plates and cutleries, and the remuneration to be defrayed to the huge number of cooks that the government will employ.

To this regard, it’s evident that the figure obtained above will triple by more than 50% if the total cost is put together.

It is relevant to note that the gravity of the confidence reposed in the “people’s General” may lose its meaning in the face of a failure in actualizing these lofty dreams.

One Dollar To One Naira
Buhari, during the S/East presidential rally of the party, at Dan Anyima Stadium, Owerri had also promised to ensure that the Naira was equal to the dollar in value.

    “It is sad that the value of the naira has dropped to more than N230 to one dollar; this does not speak well for the nation’s economy,’’ he said.

Nigerians are still struggling to come to terms with the recent economic realities available under Buhari as the Naira has nosedived by 2.3% to N218 to the Dollar at the parallel market.

In July and August this year, the economy had its worst hit as the Naira fell as low as N236-N245 to the Dollar at the blackmarket.

Post Nigeria had earlier reported that traders and buyers have complained bitterly as the naira continues to lose its value daily, forcing hyper inflation on the economy.

Chibok Girls
Buhari had promised to bring back over 200 school girls who were kidnapped from their school in the Chibok town of Borno State, April 2014.

Now known as the Chibok girls, their plight does not appear to have improved under Buhari, who rode on the back of their captivity, to kick out the Jonathan administration.

Over 500 days after, and counting, Nigerians are still in the dark on the whereabouts of the young girls.

Although, the APC have come under fire for saying that Buhari never promised Nigerians that he would achieve specific things within his first 100 days in office, it remains a very tough job for the party and the presidency to format the memories of Nigerians to forget the promises made.

However, Kayode Ogundamisi, a social commentator, said on his official Twitter handle that it was hypocritical of the APC, having allowed the said documents detailing Buhari’s promises to be flying around on the Internet throughout the electioneering, only to rubbish the documents when it was time for reckoning.

    He said, “The APC and President Buhari are telling us that they never saw the ‘100-day promise’ document; failing the integrity test so soon?

The Executive Director of the Socio-Economic and Accountability Project, Adetokunbo Mumuni, also said the party was like Buhari’s principal and the President was bound by the promises made by the APC.

    “The party is more or less like the President’s principal and so it would not be out of place for Nigerians to hold the President accountable for the promises made by his political party, especially the promises made on the campaign train,” he said.

The APC and its supporters have however pressed on Nigerians that the body language of leadership in the country has changed, saying that remains the utmost achievement so far.