Buhari’s Change Mantra Dents Nigeria’s Once Glorious and Luxurious International Image

By Joshua Amaugo July 2, 2016 16:13

Buhari’s Change Mantra Dents Nigeria’s Once Glorious and Luxurious International Image

Sequel to Post-Nigeria’s report, which examined how President Muhammadu Buhari’s Forex ‎policy has been causing sporadic hike in airfares across the country, various international airlines leaving Nigeria to various destination on Saturday, July 2, were virtually empty, as most Nigerians could not afford their fares.

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‎Post-Nigeria gathered that International flights (First Class and Business class) categories were almost empty, as only few foreigners could afford the pay for ticket.

On the Economy segment, only few Nigerians were seated, as many who usually fly, no longer have the purchasing power to pay for tickets.

As at 8.40 am on Saturday, South Africa Airways heading to Johannesburg was barely full‎, with other major airline operators complaining of low patronage, as many passengers were disappointed, cancelling their schedule due to huge hike in airfares.

‎The development according to economic analysts is worrisome, as many business engagements and seminars will be affected‎, as well as international students and those seeking for medical attention abroad.

Most airline operators, decried the lack of infrastructure in the country, adding that it will only be wise if the Federal Government steps in, to cushion the effect of devaluation, as airfares tickets, maintenance, spare parts, amongst several others are mostly priced in dollars.

Others, specifically called on the President to look into the impending crisis, before it becomes a house hold name that Nigerians ‎are so poor that they can no longer afford flight ticket.

Already, the nation’s internally generated revenue has been badly affected by this development, as most of these international airlines that contribute to the nation’s income through tax, will have little or nothing to write home.

‎Also, the level of foreign investors coming into the country has drastically reduced, as most prospective client are looking for a business friendly environment to create wealth.

Post-Nigeria had reported that most of the existing international firms and Manufacturing companies, have been relocating to other African countries, on account of the unfavorable business environment.

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