Buhari’s ongoing campaign suffers backlash from Nigerians

By Post Nigeria March 20, 2016 10:55

Buhari’s ongoing campaign suffers backlash from Nigerians

The Pro-Buhari group called “IStandwithBuhari” called on Nigerians to register their support for the anti-corruption campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The group via its facebook page, solicited for more signatures in support of the All Progressives Congress, APC, led administration.

“Impressively, Nigerian Citizens queuing to sign the Anti-Corruption Register today at Unity Fountain, Abuja. The register will remain open for Mr. President and all Nigerians to sign the register.

“The register will also be opened in all the 36 States on Monday.” The group stated.

However, in response to the ongoing signatures signifying support for the Buhari administration, Nigeria’s have lampooned and criticized the entire process, insisting that the idea was only an image laundering agenda.

Reacting to the post on facebook, Sadiq Aboi said, “Pls kindly tell Buhari that we are very hungry, we need food. The economy is very bad, a bag of pure water is now #120 in Kaduna, against the #60 that we use to buy.”

Bila Peter commented, “Standing with Buhari in midst of hardship, hunger, rising cost of good and services, declining power situation, no fuel etc is the height of hypocrisy. No wonder your coordinator in his wisdom decided to resign cos its only a deceit and falsehood for hungry and jobless youths to claim I stand with Buhari while nothing is working in Nigeria.”

Solomon Thomas simply said, “Joblessness, if pmb has to fight corruption, do I need to sign a register before he fight the corruption. For God sake send this able bodied men to farm instead of queuing for one dirty register.”

An obviously angry Nigerian, Ojiakor Ebuka said, “Common Sense no common, continue standing with Mr Failure…”

Also reacting, Ashiwaju Ayoade Adeboye said, “Be careful where you put your signature and other details… NOT EVERYONE THAT PROCLAIMS LOVE 4 BUHARI LOVES HIM! YOU Do not need signature collection 2 Stand With Buhari… They were Jonathan men yesterday but Buhari 2day… something fishy”

Ezeobi Chukwukadibia said, “President of lies, deceit, corruption of only opposition”

Mena Martins simply commented, “Brainless people”

GREAT NIGERIANS STANDING WITH BUHARI!Impressively, Nigerian Citizens queuing to sign the Anti-Corruption Register today…

Posted by I Stand With Buhari on Saturday, March 19, 2016