Bye Bye To Bukola Saraki, As APC Moves To Crush The Unstoppable Senate President, Once And For All

By Post-Nigeria: January 10, 2019 22:10

Bye Bye To Bukola Saraki, As APC Moves To Crush The Unstoppable Senate President, Once And For All

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has said that some of the loyalists of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, holding Federal Executive positions, will soon be shown the way out.

The Minister disclosed this on Thursday, in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, at a ceremony organised by the Kwara State All Progressives Congress, APC, to sensitise and mobilise the party’s women Leaders, ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

The Minister revealed that despite Saraki allegedly using his position to sabotage national development of the country to the detriment of the people, his loyalists from Kwara State, are still occupying Executive positions.

He said that the Federal Government would not hesitate to sack those beneficiaries in Executive positions.

‘‘Some of the people they nominated to the Boards of government’s Agencies and Parastatals are still there, yet they claim that Kwara has not benefitted from this Federal Government.

‘‘These people, some of whom are holding Executive positions, will soon be shown the way out’’, he said.

Lai Mohammed noted that the Kwara elections, like that of the general polls, would be issue-based, devoid of ethnicity, religion, or gender.

He stressed that the issues the APC is concerned with in Kwara, have to do with good governance, and a better life for the people.

‘‘The main issues here have to do with how our State has been governed in the past 50 years, 40 of which have been dominated by a single family.

‘‘What has happened to the commonwealth, which has been cornered by a single dynasty. at the expense of the people.

‘‘Where are the roads and other infrastructure, to justify the huge resources that have accrued to the State?

‘‘If you follow a path for so long, and it leads you nowhere, will you not try another path? These are the issues’’, he said.

The Minister disclosed further, that for the 40 years of the Saraki family in power, the State has no potable water for people to drink, adding that, workers have been pauperised, because of non-payment of their salaries.

He maintained that the Saraki dynasty in Kwara State, had rendered the quality of life of the people to the lowest point.

On the contrary, the Minister said that the APC in its campaign, had been proudly showcasing what the Federal Government had achieved since assuming office, in 2015.

‘‘Ask them who tarred the Ilorin-Jebba-Mokwa road, that they (PDP) took to Bode Saadu, where they launched their campaign, a few days ago.

‘‘That road was impassable during the time of the PDP, the same party they are now touting as the one with the magic wand’’, he said.

Lai Mohammed maintained that contrary to the lies of the opposition PDP, President Muhammadu Buhari is not the reason the States had not performed.

He said: ‘‘Ask them what they did with the several bailouts they received from the Federal Government.

‘‘Ask them why they could not pay workers’ salaries, despite getting bailouts and Paris Club refund; they claim they are helping the State to offset workers’ salaries.

‘‘Remind them that they are only returning some of the commonwealth they have looted. They are only doing so out of panic.’’

The Minister also said that the claim by the opposition that the APC would take Kwara to the South-West zone, was incorrect.

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