Checkout These Must-Have Wedding Guest Attires (Part 2)

By Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. September 22, 2016 16:17

Checkout These Must-Have Wedding Guest Attires (Part 2)

Sequel to Part 1, which looked at the stylish wedding guest attires for White Tie Weddings, Black Tie Weddings, and Semi-Formal Weddings; Part 2, will be providing you with great stylish tips for some other themed wedding reception ceremonies.

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Cocktail Dress Code Weddings:


Nestled between smart causal and semi-formal, is the cocktail attire. For daytime weddings, tailor it to the time of the day; for night time weddings, stick to dark colours. For daytime, venture into light colours, such as beige, smoke grey, and even white or cream. Suits should be two-piece, in a peak or notch lapel, and keep the cut sharp and slim.

Colour-wise, navy and charcoal are solid, but a little too easy. For more adventure, look to forest green, burgundy, and earthen hues, like camel brown, and the more saturated blues, or a tasteful suit pattern-plaid, window pane, or pinstripe are all very acceptable cocktail prints.


For shirts, you can stick to a block coloured shirt, or demure print, but only if the suit is patterned.

For shoes, dark or tan leather shoes are perfect.


Consider smart loafers, void of contrast stitching and embellishment, especially for daytime.

For accessories, a tie is still a must. Colour or pattern is allowed, but you must keep it classy.

Do not go big with the suit, shirt and tie; pick one place for boldness and stick with it.

Accessorize with cufflinks, a watch, or a pocket square.

Smart Causal Weddings:


Smart Causal takes on a more refined meaning at a wedding reception. Sartorially, it does mean you can relax tailoring as much as possible, while still looking thoughtfully put together. Opt for something comfortable, and stylish in a laid back sense.

For suits, break out the colours; think Pitti Uomo, without the peacocks. You can stick with the basics if you want, but a smart causal wedding is also a welcome opportunity for bold-coloured tailoring, as well as more noticeable patterns.

Again, softly structured or unstructured is best.

Separates can work at this level of informality too, and should be the only time really saturated colours (beyond blue and green) and boisterous prints light up separates. For instance, you can wear a yellow blazer, or lime green geometric print as a jacket, not a full garnish two piece.

Always pair the bold with the not so bold; cream, black, or navy chinos, a surefire win for smart causal. Avoid denim.

For shirts, get creative: a plain shirt will serve you well, but something a little more outlandish is a refreshing way to mix up standard wedding attires. If you choose to go the brazen route, keep accessories minimal and tasteful, to balance it out.

Shoes should stay neutral. Anything from smart loafers and upward, is a suitable choice, as long as you are comfortable. Go burgundy, navy, mustard, or olive green, for a touch of colour.

For accessories, a sense of equilibrium must be maintained. Individuality is also encouraged, so bust out the cool cufflinks, the on-point lapel pin, and the snappy socks; make sure a statement shade or pattern in one area is balanced out, by restraint in another. Also, lose the tie, if the pocket square makes an appearance.

A neckerchief is a stylish replacement, and you will certainly be an individual with this look.

Traditional Weddings:


For traditional weddings, you are allowed to put on your properly tailored traditional attire. It could either be the three-piece Agbada, or the two-piece. It can be in black, red, navy, or brown, depending on how adventurous you are.

The shoes should never be lace-up, as this is an absolute no, no, when wearing traditional outfits. Monkstrap, velvet slippers, or smart loafers, are the appropriate shoes for the outfit.


You can accessorize with cufflinks, wristwatches, and hats as its suits your personality best.


I am sure with all the tips I have given, you would definitely become a Style Star at Weddings!

Until another time, remain stylish!



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