Checkout these latest fashion trends for curvy women

By Post Nigeria April 12, 2016 17:33

Checkout these latest fashion trends for curvy women

Plus-size women are often bullied and scrutinized for their curves. They have been taught to believe that they are not beautiful, healthy or classy enough to be fashionable and trendy, because of their bold statures.

Fashion rules have been carved out for the voluptuous women for decades so much that designers as well as retailers have subjected them into wearing over sized threads and darker colors to minimize their beautiful curves, as though saying they are not fit to wear latest trends.

Here are 8 fashion rules plus-size women should completely ignore

  1. Wear shorts, no matter your thigh size

fat shots

Shorts are classic summer attires that fuller women are told to avoid. But you should not suffocate your legs in denim skinny jeans all summer long. Bare your legs in a pretty pair of shorts, but do so with caution. Be aware of the unpleasant chafing or dark patches caused by rubbing thighs, as this is a real problem for many women.

  1. Orange is the new black


fat bold prints

Summer is all about bright colors that mimic the vibrancy of the season. You can give your wardrobe that extra pop, even if you are over a size 12. The absence of color is supposed to have all plus-size girls captivated by its slimming properties. So, dressing in all-black everything this season is a no no. Get loud with your prints!

  1. The latest trends aren’t just for skinny ladies


Some people apparently believe you should steer clear of any passing trends. But we got news for you, trends are not only for runway models and the women who share their measurements. You can look flawless in sheer styles, septum rings, crops and more.

  1. Exercise your right to expose your arms

fat showing arms

Don’t hide your arms in long sleeves all summer just because the fashion industry says women should keep their arms hidden to conceal any hint of fat. Forget that rule and let your arms enjoy a bit of a breeze. In the heat of the summer, you definitely need it.

  1. Crop it all summer


You must not have a flat like the Kardashians to rock crop tops or body con. Crop tops are not only made for thin women — you can show your belly too. Ignore the summer fashion rule that says crop tops are off-limits. Rock it with pride!

  1. Don’t let clingy fabrics scare you

fat Omotola-Cape trendy

You do not have to wear ill-fitted dresses like a zombie 365 days a year, because you are told to. Feel free to rock that fitting jersey or body con dress if you want to flaunt those curves. Do not be ashamed to appear sexy and wanted.

  1. Forget shape-wear forever

fat trainer

Full-figured women are taught to suck in their stomachs to mimic thinness. When holding your breath fails, nylon shapewear is supposed to smooth rolls and dimples to make your form more “aesthetically pleasing.” Truth is shapewear will not do much more than inhibit your breathing and your self-esteem. Skip the heat-holding body-shapers this summer. You do not deserve to feel like a sausage.

  1. Rock that bikini on your ready-made beach body.

fat swim suit

Bikinis have always been reserved for those with flat stomachs and high confidence. But there is no reason a confident plus-size woman can not slay in the sand while wearing a two-piece. Fashion rules were meant to be broken, and beach fashion is no exception.

Fashion has no rules, so whether you are fat, curvy or not, you are nothing less than sexy and you can rock anything trend you want from crop tops to bright colors to flirty prints.