Checkout what’s trending for Valentines day

By Post Nigeria February 6, 2016 15:09

Checkout what’s trending for Valentines day

Can you feel the love in the air? Valentine is around the corner! What a perfect time to think about what you are going to give your significant other.

However, it becomes thorny when it comes to picking a perfect gift for those you love. Some people will opt for flowers, others for chocolates and many more will go for a fancy meal and weekend getaways.  Irrespective of how you choose to show affection, keep in mind that love is simple and this valentine should be about the simple things.

Still confused about what to get that special person? Here are a variety of simple ideas from personalized presents to more practical items to show your loved one that you care.

Write letter

val love letter perfect

What an inexpensive but loving way to spend valentine! People have forgotten the beauty of gifting cards and writing letters. So why not have a customized card, writing in your own words as a gift for your Val. Tell him or her how much sunshine they have brought into your life again. One can never go wrong if kept simple.


val confectionery

Though gifting a loved one flower, cookies, candies and cakes may not be preponderant practice in Nigerian.

So if you are a sharp guy and want to make the day worthwhile, confectioneries like a box of chocolate, heart shaped, cup cakes with I Love You written in icing wouldn’t go wrong.

Creative items


val mug

You can never go wrong with personalized gift items, because you totally make it all about him or her. You can go from a picture, frame, customized mugs and plates, to more luxurious items like wristwatches and jewelry.

Why not give him a photo memoir (a well organized collection of memorable photo of both of you). There’s absolutely no limit to what you can customize, it speaks louder than words.

Buy him a jersey

If he is a sport lover, there is no limit to what he will do for you if you crest his name on behind his favorite team’s jersey. If you want to be more creative, customize your name on his jersey and his on yours, telling him of your undying love.

Perfumes & Wrist watch


Men and women alike love romantic and luxurious items and perfumes, wrist watches and jewelry fall under this category. Choosing a luxurious item can be a lot of work, but he or she is sure going to appreciate the effort you put into it. Opt for a bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid or Rolex for him if you can afford it.  She will also appreciate a Chanel’s N°5 or Reb’l fleur by Rihanna.

A bottle of wine

val wine 2

You can surprise him this season with a bottle of good wine or champagne to a candle light dinner for two. Especially if he is the type that loves to unwind every now and then, he will definitely not forget your effort in a hurry.  Enjoy the moment!

Romantic getaway

val romantic

The best gifts are usually the ones which both of you can enjoy together. Why not escape together to a quiet place. It’s been a stressful January and with the hash economic realities, a weekend getaway is a sure way to unwind.

Take that special one to your favorite restaurant or to some exotic island ‘if you can afford it’. This will make even the meanest person feel special.

Makeup Kit/Set

vals make up lg

Seven out of ten Nigerian girls own at least a lip gloss and an eye pencil. Yes, we love makeup! So it would be a pleasant surprise if you give your girlfriend a new designer makeup set or kit. How to know her favorite brand? Take a peek into her purse. Black Up products are quite expensive but it works

Gifts are mere presents wrapped in pretty papers and ribbons, the best gift to give this season is to show love to the less privileged, and put a smile on someone’s face.