Chris Ngige Vows To Resign From Buhari’s Government, Threatens All APC Top Leaders

By Post-Nigeria: September 19, 2019 20:13

Chris Ngige Vows To Resign From Buhari’s Government, Threatens All APC Top Leaders

The Igbos must negotiate with other zones to get their support for the 2023 Presidency, Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, has said.
He revealed that the Igbos must work hard to make the dream a reality, as power is not served à la carte.
Ngige said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, constitution only talks about rotation, not zoning.

In an interview with Journalists in Abuja, Ngige said: “APC has no arrangement for zoning in its constitution, and none of the parties has. Our constitution talks about rotation, and it says the rotation is between the North and South.
“We expect going forward, that all political parties should come to the South to pick their Presidential Candidates. We think Ndigbo should be favoured, because we have not tasted it, but power is not served à la carte.”
According to him, all Presidential Candidates should come from the South, in 2023, according to the constitution of the APC, which he said has become law.
Ngige therefore, advised the Ndigbo to join the ruling part,y if their dream of an Igbo President is to come true.

The Minister said: “You cannot get the 2023 Presidency through threats, like some of our people are currently doing, but through negotiations with our friends in the West.
“Once again, I am pleading with our people to join APC, for us to have enough numbers before 2023.
“We cannot sit at a place and be crying of marginalisation. We are part and parcel of Nigeria, no one owns the country, and it belongs to all of us.”
Ngige stated that Igbo Leaders will meet over the 2023 election, adding that, the South-East must discuss to move forward.
He faulted claims that the Igbos are marginalised, blaming some Clerics for reinforcing what he said was misinformation.
The Minister, vowed to resign, if he sees evidence of marginalisation of Igbos by the Federal Government.

His words: “If I see any sign of marginalisation against Ndigbo from the APC government, I will resign.
“Some of our people are just making unnecessary noise about marginalisation, when there is none.”
He argued that the APC is the best option for Ndigbo.
“Our Airport in Enugu, will be re-opened before the Christmas, because it is going through some serious works.
“APC government is better for our people, because we are benefitting more than before. Any other party is a deceit.
“You can see for yourself massive construction going on everywhere in the South-East, including the second Niger Bridge, which the construction firm has assured to deliver to us before the 2022 agreed date.
“So, where is the marginalisation of Ndigbo?” Ngige queried.