Defiant Mu’azu labels defectors stupid

By Post Nigeria May 2, 2015 15:30

Defiant Mu’azu labels defectors stupid

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Chairman, Dr. Adamu Mu’azu has described the gale of defections from the PDP to the All Progressive Congress, APC, as the most stupid thing ongoing within the party at the moment.

Mu’azu made this known in a statement issued recently where he condemned what he called the infighting and mudslinging in his party after losing the 2015 presidential election.

A huge wave of defections occurred after the March polls when it was obvious that the ruling party had now become an opposition party.

With the failure to secure most of the seats at the National and State House of Assembly polls, including the Governorship polls, some PDP members according to Mu’azu who were in the party for their selfish gains began to defect to the APC.

Notable amongst them being, from Plateau; Ambassador Fidelis Tapgun, Senator Victor Lar, and the Plateau State Deputy Governor, Ambassador Ignatius Longjan, former Governorship aspirant of the PDP in Kwara State, Senator Gbemisola Saraki, Ondo State Deputy Governor, Olanusi Ali and a host of others across Gombe, Edo, Jigawa, Ogun Benue, Kwara and Niger States.

President Goodluck Jonathan as reported earlier by Post Nigeria emphatically said that all those who have defected from the PDP, would make like the proverbial ‘prodigal son’ and come back begging with empty stomachs.

The President maintained that the defectors were mistaken to think that the APC will swiftly fit them into their political ‘landscape’ or consider their political aspiration priority over the actual APC members, adding that the ‘food’ may have finished before it gets to the turn of the defectors to eat.

Mu’azu futher assured Nigerians that the PDP was going to bounce back as there are plans to reposition the party and make it a formidable opposition.

    “Our game plan is to provide a virile opposition to the new government which we have already graciously given a lifeline by conceding defeat and avoiding a calamitous battle in the courts.

    “The international communities have noted this great act of statesmanship on our part and we shall continue in this mode to show our commitment towards entrenching democracy in our country.

    “It is therefore time for our great party to reinvent ourselves, show great maturity and map out a strategy that will return us to power in 2019. Despite losing our dominance in the National Assembly, our party has the largest number of experienced legislators in both chambers and will surely be calling the shots there.

    “We will however help to reduce the imminent issue of learning process occasioned by the horde of inexperienced APC members in both houses because of national interest.

Mu’azu however accused the APC for spreading false rumors on social media about schisms in the PDP and their wish list which include death and burial of the party.

    “But we can shock them with our usual resilience and ability to turn the tables particularly as they are already developing a tottering ineptitude in their transition progression to power, he said with confidence.