Echoes of the past (1)

By Juliet Ojike February 1, 2016 17:46

Echoes of the past (1)

For years Susan had looked forward to it. Like a head strong fantasy that takes your sleep hostage. It had appeared ceaselessly in her dreams.

Every time she hears a knock at the door, Susan will abandon everything she was doing. Her ears flaming with ravenous hunger for stories. It’s been a full year since she last heard from Bode.

Bode and Susan had been married for 3 years.  It still rings in my head the first day I met Bode at Kunle’s bachelor’s party, I couldn’t help it as Bode kept starring at me throughout the party. Then the moment came, i almost melted seeing him walk towards me. Then he stepped up to me to ask for a dance in his husky voice “hi sexy hope you don’t mind dancing with me?

I smiled at this handsome, tall, and light skinned dude with sideburns standing right in front of me sure I don’t…Susan replied.

I’m Bode by name, Kunle’s best friend and you? Susan I hurriedly replied. You are such a great dancer hope you don’t mind me having your contact he said…I was already attracted to him at that moment and I gave him my number. We got talking and that was how it started.

We dated for six months then Bode proposed to me. We got married afterwards and he’s been such a lovely husband to me. He kept sweeping me off my feet. Bode was everything I asked God for in a man, I enjoyed every moment with him.

After one year of our marriage I had two miscarriages, Bode was my comfort and friend, he kept assuring me everything will be fine in due time. ‘Yea right in due time’… second year came and I found it difficult to take in, now it was becoming a problem. Bode was not always around due to his profession.

He was an engineer and his job took him outside town most times. I was a full time house wife now; I was formerly working with an insurance company before the whole miscarriage drama started. I was told by the Doctor not to stress myself and Bode asked me to resign, that he will take care of all the bills and in addition to that he gave me monthly allowance more than what I earned monthly at my previous place of work.

On that faithful day, I woke up to do my usual house duties. I decided to do a thorough clean up in our matrimonial room as I dusted inside the wardrobe I found the DVD plate! Being searching everywhere for our wedding video and I seem not to find it, but here it is. I hurriedly finished my house choice, showered and then slot in the DVD plate to watch while I ate my breakfast….


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