EDITOR’S DESK: 2019 Presidency!!! Atiku Abubakar Has Some Very Serious Questions To Answer, By Salisu Abdulai

By Post-Nigeria: August 6, 2018 17:44

EDITOR’S DESK: 2019 Presidency!!! Atiku Abubakar Has Some Very Serious Questions To Answer, By Salisu Abdulai

Your Excellency,

Alhaji Atiku Abubabar,

My name is Salisu Abdulai, the Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria.

I decided to write this letter to you, concerning some very important questions, we the youths of Nigeria would love you to answer, after I saw your tweet on August 4, 2018, stating that, if elected as the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential Candidate, and subsequently elected as the next President of Nigeria, come 2019, you promise to “go above and beyond @UN recommendations, and ensure a minimum of 21% of the Federal Budget, is devoted to education.”

While I would not want to debate on whether that is a good or bad decision, especially in this 21st century, I would love to go straight to some very serious questions that require your honest answers, as you move forward in your quest to become Nigeria’s next President, come 2019.

It is with a very saddened heart and tears in my eyes, that I write you this letter; not just for the pain I have felt personally since the advent of this All Progressives Congress, APC, administration, headed by President Muhammadu Buhari, but also for the more pain I watched most of my young brothers (young ambitious Nigerian men with great potentials), go through every day of this administration.

There have been many young great Nigerian men that have because of hardship and survival, resulted to all forms of ways to make money, not because some of them really wanted to, but because they had or have to; I mean we all know that internet fraud, or what some call yahoo plus, is now the order of the day (sudden untraceable wealth).

While some have gone the above route, some have taken advantage of the social media platforms, especially Instagram, and have become comedians overnight, which is a good thing and a positive one at that.


So, Your Excellency, with due respect, when you become the next President of Nigeria, come 2019, for we Nigerian young men that want to either be entrepreneurs, or render our services to already established businesses or organisations, here are some very important questions we would love you to kindly answer for us:

  • What will you do to shake up the obviously dead economy of Nigeria? You saw how Nigerians waited for their ‘Messiah’ in President Muhammadu Buhari, to hit the ground running after the 2015 swearing-in, but to no avail. Are you preparing your various teams, policies, and all, or is it going to be business as usual?
  • What plans do you have to include the youths in key positions in your government; and are you going to limit those positions, if any, to only the rich and elite which you have access to, or would you reach out to other sound minds who may not be on your social status, and how do you intend to reach out to them?
  • So many businesses have shut down in the last three years; what will you do to ensure average businesses can thrive in Nigeria, and also to ensure foreign investors return back to Nigeria, thereby creating more employment?
  • I have come across so many young Nigerians, like myself, with very brilliant ideas that can transform Nigeria in the shortest possible time for the best, in terms of infrastructure, economy, tech, electricity, transportation, tourism, and so on; what avenues would you provide for such individuals to be heard, for their ideas to be considered and supported, so we can all help to build this nation for the best?
  • Do you intend to address the minimum wage in Nigeria for workers???
  • Would you bring Nigerians back together as one loving family, and show the South-Easterners by your actions, that they are indeed a very vital part of this great nation?
  • As a Publisher of an online newspaper, I have struggled with partnering with Ministries and Government Parastatals under the Muhammadu Buhari APC Government. I and my marketing team, back in 2016, even went as far as going to the various Ministries, like Transportation, Education, Health, Sports, Solid Minerals, Power, and so on, proposing to partner with them, and use our platform to showcase the various projects and achievements going on in their various Ministries, but they all said they were not interested, or may be they had nothing going on to showcase to the Nigerian people. What will your government do differently to partner and support the media, knowing fully well that the media plays a very vital role in government, and the world at large?
  • Our Federal roads are a national disgrace! They have become even worse as the years have gone by. Are you taking note of the roads that need urgent attention as soon as you take over power in 2019; and when these contracts are awarded, how would you ensure that they are thoroughly executed within the stipulated time, with the guidelines of the best qualities as agreed? Your Excellency, if I may suggest, I would recommend that during your government, when contracts are awarded, they should be reported on live TV, and the signing be televised live on TV as well, with all the details of the said contracts; like the time frame for completion, the quality of what is expected, and so on. This to enable Nigerians assist your government in checking these companies, to ensure all is done in time, and accordingly too.
  • Like I stated earlier, there are a bunch of Nigerians, who have great business ideas, and really want to be entrepreneurs, or intend push some fantastic great causes, that can in all better the society. Will you liaise with your wealthy Politician friends to come together, to set up some sort of funding organisations across the country, where Nigerians with less opportunities can go to apply for funds to start up their businesses with ease, or receive support for their great causes???
  • How do you intend to end or minimize to the lowest, the herdsmen and boko haram situation in the country? Do you believe you would be able to tackle the situation? Are you planning and widely consulting for possible solutions already, or is it when you get into office, you intend to figure it out?
  • There has been so much hunger in the land in the last 3 years, and even before then; what would you do to make sure that basic food is so cheap, that every Nigerian would no longer complain of hunger, as it is in most other countries?

These are just a few very important questions I have for you at this time, and your very honest answers will go a long way.

Thank you very much, Your Excellency.

Salisu Abdulai,

Editor, Post-Nigeria.


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