EDITOR’S DESK: 2019 Presidency!!! Atiku Abubakar NEEDS Bukola Saraki NOW!!!, By Salisu Abdulai

By Post-Nigeria: October 11, 2018 20:43

EDITOR’S DESK: 2019 Presidency!!! Atiku Abubakar NEEDS Bukola Saraki NOW!!!, By Salisu Abdulai

Congratulations are very much in order to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, 2019 Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Now that Mr. Atiku has won the mandate to represent the PDP at the much anticipated 2019 Presidential election, it is time to get down to work and put forward all it will require to have a good fight with the All Progressives Congress, APC, Candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari; even tho I am of the opinion that, if we were in a ‘normal’ society, there would not even be any need for that, as the Buhari government has been nothing short of a failure.

That been said, one powerful individual which I strongly believe Mr. Atiku needs moving forward to have a very great and strong Presidential Campaign, is his fellow PDP Presidential Aspirant and Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki.

Bukola Saraki has become one of the strongest and most powerful political figures in Nigeria; not just because of the position he currently occupies as Senate President, in the 8th Nigerian Senate, but because of his very calculated and intelligent mode of operation, which made Nigerians name him, ‘A MASTER STRATEGIST’ and ‘THE RONALDO OF NIGERIAN POLITICS’.

When Bukola Saraki surprisingly announced his 2019 Presidential ambition, and followed up with his #GROWNIGERIA Campaign slogan, he completely took over the Nigerian cyber space, as well as the 2019 Presidential news space.

The way and manner in which the #GROWNIGERIA Campaign was being sold to Nigerians in such a short time, made him take over many polls, as the likely person to emerge as the PDP Presidential Candidate, on all news platforms, including Post-Nigeria. Bukola Saraki sold the #GROWNIGERIA dream to all Nigerians, in any and every way and manner he knew how to, and Nigerians bought into it. This feat cannot be ignored by the PDP and Mr. Atiku, as he goes in fully into his 2019 Presidential Campaign.

After Mr. Atiku’s emergence as the PDP Presidential Candidate, we all watched all the other Aspirants commit to coming together to work with Atiku, in order to win the 2019 Presidency.

With that said, at this point, I believe Atiku Abubakar needs Bukola Saraki and his very outstanding team, in order to win the 2019 Presidency. This does not in anyway play down the fantastic team which I believe Atiku must have put in place for a successful Campaign, but as they say, two heads are always better than one.

With Atiku, and Saraki, the Master Strategist, coming together to strategise for a historic Campaign, I believe strongly that no amount of rigging will be able to change the electorate’s votes, come February, 2019.

I wish Alhaji Atiku Abubakar a very brilliant Campaign, like we have never seen before in the history of Nigeria.

Thank you.

Salisu Abdulai, Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria.

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