EDITOR’S DESK: Bukola Saraki’s 8th Senate Is DEAD, BURIED, AND DECAYED!!!, By Salisu Abdulai

By Post Nigeria May 9, 2018 23:31

EDITOR’S DESK: Bukola Saraki’s 8th Senate Is DEAD, BURIED, AND DECAYED!!!, By Salisu Abdulai

Since the inauguration of the 8th Senate, led by Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Nigerians have indeed witnessed a series of rather shocking events, that have left us wondering about the current state of democracy in Nigeria, under the All Progressives Congress, APC, regime.

After the circumstances that surrounded the appointment of Bukola Saraki as the Leader of the 8th Senate, with many speculations that the leadership of his party, the APC, did not approve of his appointment, and since then have been on a ‘revenge mission’ to frustrate his rule as Senate President, the events that have occurred have not just embarrassed the Federal Legislative body both nationally and internationally, but have technically rendered it powerless, even though the 1999 Constitution (as amended), already did that in the first place.

Since the birth of the 8th Senate, Nigerians have sat down to watch the Senate being disrespected consecutively.

You would recall, how the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali, totally disrespected the 8th Senate, by refusing to appear before it in his full office attire, and he never did until this day, and probably will never do; and nothing was done, and nothing may ever be done, at least under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

You would also recall, how the Acting Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, has continued to head the Commission, despite being unconfirmed by the 8th Senate, based on a Department of State Security Services, DSS, report. As usual, nothing was done by the 8th Senate, and nothing can even be done by the Legislative body.

Another event, was the national embarrassment the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, was and is still subjected to, after he was dragged to the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, for false assets declaration. We all sat and watched the number 3 citizen of the country, shamed like a common criminal before our very eyes. This action, we can easily conclude, was made to show the powerless nature of the 8th Senate, especially in the hands of the Federal Government.

Very recently also, was the case of the very outspoken Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Dino Melaye. This was perhaps one of the most shocking embarrassments the nation has witnessed of such a highly placed Lawmaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Senator Dino Melaye was treated like a worthless Nigerian, crying and begging for the safety of his life, helplessly. Through this ordeal, all the 8th Senate has done, is make little noise in the National Assembly, with little or no concrete action taken, that can yield any result. I guess we can blame the 1999 Constitution here again, for making the Legislative body very powerless in the circumstance.

The case of the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Ibrahim Idris, has been the worst of them all, I must say. The IGP, was in the last 3 weeks, invited by the 8th Senate to appear before it, to answer questions bordering on the arrest of Senator Dino Melaye, and the endless killings going on around the country. The Police Boss however, on the three occasions, blatantly refused to honour any of the invitations, damning all consequences, if any exists anyway.

With all these happenings, it is hard to conclude whether or not these are intentional acts by men backed by the Presidency, to publicly humiliate Senate President, Bukola Saraki, as a person, as he was allegedly not ordained by the party for the post; or are these acts merely intended to undermine and embarrass the 8th Senate as a body, in general.

The true answer to this question may never be known to we the masses, but what is very easy to conclude in the circumstance, is that the 8th Senate and indeed the entire National Assembly, really has no powers, except they are backed by the Executive (the Presidency).

The 1999 Constitution does not provide powers to the National Assembly in circumstances such as these, to take any action, when its authority is being undermined by even junior government officials, which is quite sad, and makes me conclude that the 8th Senate is dead, buried, and decayed.

To avoid more embarrassments as these, or even worse ones, I would advise the Senate to go to work, by amending the 1999 Constitution, at least to save face, and give itself some actual real powers.


Salisu Abdulai is the Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria, and can be reached on [email protected] or [email protected]



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