EDITOR’S DESK: Emergency National Call To All Nigerian Youths, Ahead Of The 2019 General Elections, By Salisu Abdulai

By Post Nigeria May 17, 2018 17:49

EDITOR’S DESK: Emergency National Call To All Nigerian Youths, Ahead Of The 2019 General Elections, By Salisu Abdulai

As the 2019 general elections approach, I have noticed a particular trend, both chatting with Nigerian youths, and reading comments on the social media.

This has become of great concern to me, because it has made me question where our country, Nigeria, is heading, if the youths do not care to take issues of the future of our dear nation very seriously and firmly.

There is no doubt that a large section of Nigerians, most especially the youths, have condemned the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC, administration, since its inception in 2015; mostly after the administration began to input policies that have completely failed, and left Nigerians dealing with a bad economy, which has resulted in massive loss of jobs and hunger; insecurity, which has led to an endless loss of lives now on a daily basis; lawlessness on the Federal level; one-sided corruption war; media intimidation; lack of developmental projects that we can see with our eyes; and general poverty; just to name a few.

As the election year approaches, there is the very important debate as to who should be Nigeria’s next President.

Some are clamouring for a younger and more generally sound individual, some are asking for even an old President, but must be digital in his approach and not analog, some are still dealing with the ethnic syndrome (A Northern President by force by fire, no matter who), some are still stuck on the apparently failed President Muhammadu Buhari, for reasons best known to them and them alone, while most of the youths do not even know who they want as President, come 2019.

This last group of young Nigerians which constitute majority of the electorate, are those I want to address in this piece.

I have conversations with a lot of young people I randomly come across, and I always ask: ‘Who would you be supporting, come 2019, for President?’, and the lackluster response I always get, really leaves me confused as to whether we the Nigerian youths are really concerned about the future of this nation, compared to the noise we make on the social media on political issues.

Secondly, reading through comments on the social media, on news reports on individuals that have shown interest already of their intention to vy for the 2019 Presidential seat, all I see are condemnation of every Politician that has shown interest, most especially the not too popular candidates. Rather than we taking out time to do some research on some of these individuals that are showing interest, to determine whether or not they may be qualified for the very glorified seat, the same people that say they do not want any of these tested and failed Politicians, are the same ones shouting that they would not support a Politician that is not popular, or that has not been tested, whatever that really means.

The question I would love to ask we Nigerian youths, is: ‘Who do you want as your 2019 President?’

This is a very major decision we need to make urgently, especially as majority of us claim that the economy has been bad, and that poverty, lawlessness, and insecurity, have now become the order of the day.

Who do you believe can fix these problems, and will you be supporting them, damning political party affiliations, religion, and ethnicity, which have almost destroyed this nation???

No one can make your decision for you, but this decision must be made before the 2019 elections, and we must take issues of national discuss very seriously; get your Permanent Voters Cards, and be ready to partake in the elections, if indeed we would see any CHANGE, come 2019 and beyond.

Salisu Abdulai is the Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria, and can be reached on [email protected] or [email protected]


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