EDITOR’S DESK: Nigerians Must Go Back To The Drawing Board Now!!!, By Salisu Abdulai

By Post-Nigeria: October 18, 2019 18:46

EDITOR’S DESK: Nigerians Must Go Back To The Drawing Board Now!!!, By Salisu Abdulai

Nigeria recently turned 59 years old, on October 1, which is a very critical age. Nigeria will become 60 years old in 2020, which in itself is another very significant year. However, as we grow old as a country and soon become 60, it is important to ask where we are going as a nation, that is, where are we heading to, what are our plans and expectations in the long run as a country???

We have seen Governments, Presidents, Vice Presidents, National Assembly Leaders, Governors, Deputy Governors, Local Government Area Chairmen, Ministers, Commissioners, all other important government Leaders, come and go, and years have gone by without any foreseeable direction in which we are heading as a nation, in the very long run.

Most companies and other bodies tend to have a mission and a vision, that guides them in their operations, and this mission and vision helps guide the Leaders of these companies, no matter who is on the seat at any time, as to the direction that company is heading in the long run.

We all know the importance of a proper structure in any organisation, or even a household. Without a proper structure, there cannot be good and easy flow of work; without structure, there is no direction; there is no continuity; people would just do what they like and how they like, everyone would come with their own plans, mess up or abandon what the person or people before them have done or were trying to achieve. Without structure, you will tend to go back every time and start from be beginning, and would end up achieving nothing at the end of the day.

We have seen each government in Nigeria come with its own agenda, since the era of our recent democratic dispensation. We have seen the 7-Points Agenda era, the Transformation era, we have also seen the Change era, and now the latest Next Level era.

While these may be commended for what they stand and represent, and for the little they have managed to achieve in the time they had to effect their plans, I believe Nigeria has come to the point where we need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a PLAN, a GOAL, a MISSION. We literally need to know where we are heading, what we want to achieve as a Nation, as a State, as a Local Government.

When I look at many developed nation around the world, I believe they had a master plan, be it for infrastructure, for the economy, for sports, for tourism, whatever it is, there must be a PLAN.

We need to implement a system where every State Government and Local Government that is presently in power, sources for local indigenes to come up with great long term master plans for the States and LGs, that would cover all aspects of the States and the LGAs, be it education, health, sports, infrastructure, e.t.c. Let us know that these are what Ondo State is working towards achieving, this is what Lagos State is trying to achieve in the long run in terms of sports, in terms of the economy, in terms if tourism, so that when Governor A comes into power, he knows where Lagos State is heading; he does not come up with his own fresh plans for Lagos State, that would rubbish what Governor B has already done, he rather continues from where Governor B stopped, and achieves what he can with the resources he has, and within the time frame he has. Let all projects for each State and LGA be written out, so that when money is being disbursed yearly, it will be clear where each money is going into, and the people can see where the money has been spent; and also, the States and LGAs can be making gradual progress in achieving the long term goal already spelt out clearly for such State or LGA.

We must start thinking of building a nation that will serve our children and the future generation, we must start thinking of a Nigeria that we all would be very proud of, and would want to stay in, invest, and build our businesses. Yes, there would always be challenges, but if we at least have a well written very long term great plan that covers all aspects of our nation, we can start from there as a people, and continue to build our dear country slowly but surely.

For those that may say that this cannot or may not work, I would tell you to visit the city of Abuja, as a very minute example of what I am talking about. When I moved to Abuja, in 2004, I kept hearing of an Abuja City Master Plan, which the then Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, was so focused on implementing, and today, we can see some of the results of the implementation of that plan. Imagine if the plan had been fully executed by now, and was strictly followed by the subsequent FCT Ministers, we would have had a city that Dubai would be contending with by now.

So, as Nigeria looks forward to her 60th birthday next year, I hope the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari, would find it not too late to call on every State and LGA, to come up with a very long term well detailed and defined PLAN, that we can all as a people work towards achieving, to the betterment of us all and our future generations to come.

Nigeria as a country has been blessed with so many natural resources, great landscape, and some of the brightest minds and hands in the world. We must start to capitalise on these greatness, to build ourselves one the best countries the world remember; and it is not too late to start, we can start now.

Thank you.

Salisu Abdulai, Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria.

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