EDITOR’S DESK: Why Nigerians Do Not Deserve A Better Government, By Salisu Abdulai

By Post-Nigeria: October 11, 2019 12:54

EDITOR’S DESK: Why Nigerians Do Not Deserve A Better Government, By Salisu Abdulai

Recent and past events that have occurred in our democracy in Nigeria, have raised the very important question in my mind, and I believe too in the minds of other well-meaning Nigerians, who continue to wonder why we still do not have a good government, or better still, why probably we deserve the government we have and have had over the course of our democracy.

A critical look into this, has brought me to the conclusion at this moment, that we as Nigerians, myself inclusive, do not deserve a better government, at least for now, considering the happenings around the country, or lack thereof.

Before you begin to jump on me for being negative and not being positive and optimistic, I would like to assure you that I am indeed very optimistic about a positive change in the affairs of our dear nation, but sadly, being optimistic, or optimism, may no longer be enough at this point.

The big question on your mind right now, I believe is, why do we not deserve a better government than what we have or what we have had over the years? The answer to this is very simple, in my opinion, and I will back this up with a series of recent and continued events and behavioural pattern on our part, as a people.

As Nigerians, we must now realise and accept the fact that we are not serious. What do I mean by this, you may ask? Look deeply within yourself, how you go about your day to day activities, how you respond to government policies, the things you complain about but do not take any action for, how you run your own business, how you handle relationships, friendships, and so on, and kindly answer for yourself, if you are a serious person with a great level of integrity, and care about the greatness of this nation. Please, be since to yourself in answering this question, and you may see where I am heading with this.

We all know that we are in a democracy, and even the most unlearned of us knows what a democratic government entails. That being said, how can we explain that we are actually serious citizens and deserve a better working government, when we do not play our role as a people in checkmating the government, and letting the government know that the people run the show, and not the few Politicians, which we have empowered so greatly by our unseriousness.

Please, ask yourself, what did you do when the price of petrol was increased so drastically by the government, and you knew your income would not be sufficient enough to afford it conveniently, nothing; what did you do when citizens were illegally detained by the government and you watched court orders being disobeyed in a so called democracy by the government, nothing; what did you do when there was no power in your area for weeks or even months, nothing; what did you do when you found out the Senators take home N13 million basic monthly allowance allegedly, nothing; what did you do when your Activists were locked up on your behalf for months, nothing; what did you do when your roads were left untarred and unsafe, both State and Federal, nothing; what did you do after the increased minimum wage was not implemented for months after its so called approval, nothing; what did you do when policies were passed that did not favour your day to day life, nothing; what did you do when the same Police tasked with the responsibility of protecting lives and property were the same ones taking the lives and harassing innocent citizens, nothing; what did you do when there were no jobs, no free education, no good healthcare system, nothing; what did you do when the prices of foodstuff increased drastically despite your very low income, nothing; what did you do when you witnessed with your eyes the rigging of elections in your area, nothing; what did you do when you watched the Judiciary clearly being oppressed and intimidated by the Executive, nothing; what did you do when your appointed Lawmakers go to the Chambers to sleep and pass no single bill into law, nothing; what did you do when your employer talked you down like a slave, abused you and violated your human rights, nothing; what do we ever do in situations we are not happy with by the government, nothing!!!

As Nigerians, we believe in succumbing and adjusting to any situation we find ourselves in; the most we do is to make noise for a few days, follow social media trends that yield absolutely no results in Nigeria, because our Leaders are like mount zion that cannot be moved, and then we simply adjust and fight over big brother naija, MI and Vector, or whatever non-factor to our betterment as a country.

This is the reason I strongly believe we do not deserve a better government, and untill we change our attitude, know what is priority, and take a stand, we will never get a better government; and when we are ready, the God that we call upon day and night, will know that we are ready, and then and only then, will He help us as a people.

Thank you.

Salisu Abdulai, Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria.

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