Ekiti: Fayose plays Santa to less privileged

By Post Nigeria December 20, 2014 21:03

Ekiti: Fayose plays Santa to less privileged

Ekiti State Governor,Mr Ayo Fayose Saturday, looked to continue with his stomach infrastructure programme , as he distributed no fewer than 80,000 birds, 100,000 bags of rice and cash gifts to the less privileged, widows and aged ones in the state.

The Vanguard reports that the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr Idowu Adelusi, issued a statement in Ado Ekiti Saturday, that the office of the governor was besieged by residents who went home with their spoils from the the governor’s office.

Some of the elderly who could not hide their joy at the rare opportunity of having to celebrate the season with the packages, prayed and thanked the Governor and his Cabinet, for the kindness shown them.

As early as 10 am, some of the beneficiaries had stormed the governor’s office, he and members of his staff, distributed the items to the huge crowd that kept pouring in.

Some of the recipients, went as far as to say that the gesture was an obvious pointer to the kind of “grassroot” man the governor is.

Appreciations poured in for the governor, as some of the recipients said the governor had gone a long way, to place himself in the shoes of the less privileged in the society, who could not phantom where they could get such items during this festive period.

The Governor later moved to some markets to distribute the Christmas packages just as he had promised.

Designated centres for the distribution were created in the 16 Local Governments areas of the state.

In a chat with journalists, the governor stated that what takes priority in his heart daily is the welfare of the people of the state who against all odds returned him to office after 8 years in a landslide victory.

He stated that he will continue to pursue his welfare programme with all his everything he has, as he can not stand the suffering of his people.