Ekiti Rigging Tape: Take your evidence to court PDP says

By Post Nigeria March 1, 2015 08:00 Updated

Ekiti Rigging Tape: Take your evidence to court PDP says

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has distanced itself from a controversial tape recording, allegedly revealing a plot to rig the Ekiti State elections.

The leaked tape recording, is believed to have placed party chieftains of the PDP in the State, in a meeting, plotting to rig the elections.

However, most of the key players involved in the recording acknowledged that there was a meeting but denied that rigging was discussed.

The spokesperson of the PDP, Olisa Metuh has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party would never undermine an electoral process through rigging.

He said only the persons involved could provide substantiated responses to questions posed, stressing that the tapes authenticity is questionable as the recording surfaced at a tactical moment in the political climate of the country.

“Any tape whether real or imaginary can be concocted in this digital world, we don’t know what is real and what is not.

“I also believe that the actors in their personal capacity will be able to talk about what really happened.”

“As a political party, we have never engaged in planning or getting involved in any conspiracy to rig elections” Metuh said.

He questioned why the tape suddenly emerged for the one state PDP won in the past five state elections conducted in the last two years, adding that the allegation was a feeble attempt to sell the idea that PDP could not win an election without rigging it.

“We had elections in five states in the last two years, PDP won in only one state, how come it’s just the one that we won that a tape is suddenly surfacing to say we planned rigging.”

“Why did we not plan rigging in Edo, Ondo, Anambra and Osun? How comes the only one that we won is the one they want to tarnish?

It is a calculated attempt to sway the minds of Nigerians that the PDP is not capable of winning in a free and fair election.”

“Our people are even raising the fact that we were rigged out in Osun, but we are not engaged in propaganda, we are not engaged in manufacturing tapes, we won election in Ekiti state because of the love of our party and the massive support that our gubernatorial candidate, Ayo Fayose enjoys in the entire state.”

Metuh further stated that the PDP has chosen to focus on their campaigns rather than being involved in spreading propaganda urging anyone with concrete evidence to approach the Law court to seek redress.

“In this era of campaign, where you have a lot of propaganda, anybody with any concrete evidence can go to either the law enforcement agencies or the law courts to seek redress.” He said.

“For us, we are more involved in the campaign than propaganda, our first thought actually is that it is simply just propaganda.

It is only the court that can decide on the matter of Ekiti elections, just like the tribunal and court of appeal have decided.

If they think there is fresh evidence, they can go to court.