Experts complain about lopsided nature of FG appointments

By Sanni Muhammed August 31, 2015 16:00

Experts complain about lopsided nature of FG appointments

A women and youth development advocate Mary Ikoku, has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for straying away in the composition of his latest appointments and succeeding in marginalizing women.

Ikoku made this declaration during an interview on Channels TV’s “Sunrise Daily” where she explained that women constitute about 50% of Nigeria’s population which must not be neglected in appointing positions and warned of imminent danger to Nigeria’s democracy if this trend continues.

She questioned his sensibilities towards gender equity and urging him to imbibe the spirit of democracy and gender balance in his administration.

    “In the spirit of democracy, it would only make sense if we find the inclusion of women in this administration.

    “In the days to come I would like to see a lot of involvement of the women, women make up 50% of the population and you can’t avoid these huge population in making appointment into positions, so I really expect to see more women in his administration.

    “I am not satisfied with the appointments so far but I would say it’s rather too early in the day to say a final NO.

    “Out of the 35 people being appointed and none yet is a woman, we’ve only gotten half representation (Amina Zakari, Acting chairman of INEC) and she has not been confirmed and it seems there is some written constitution that women would not be part of government in this administration.

    “I am really concerned because if the only one that has gotten halfway in and has been so greatly objected, then this is signs of what to come and it’s disturbing.”

Buhari’s appointments into key positions in his administration have sparked flames of condemnation, with critics characterizing the appointments as overwhelmingly lopsided, lacking in gender balance and regional equity.

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In all of Buhari’s appointments, there is yet to be any representation of a female, and this has angered Pro-Gender activists who suggest the need to create a gender balance in order to avoid inequality and injustice to the plight of women in the country.

Reacting to the disturbing trend, Ikuku advocated for fair representation of women in order to achieve active participation and representation, adding that women should not only be relegated to the background where there are mostly used for grass root mobilization during elections.

    “I would like to see qualitative representation of women who would create that true representation of women. I want competent women to be appointed, we want active participation of women.

    “The women are just being used by the political parties to mobilize other women for votes”